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How To Upgrade a Graphics Card In a Laptop?

How To Upgrade a Graphics Card In Your Laptop

How To Upgrade a Graphics Card In Your Laptop?

No matter which type of task you are going to perform whether it is video editing or gaming, a good processor will definitely provide you with an outstanding graphics approach as well. And here in this article, we will tell you about the complete up-gradation of your graphics card in a very much easy and mind-soothing way. So without any longer discussion let us start the discussion.

Some Methods To Upgrade The GPU Of Your Laptop

There are several methods by which you can easily change or upgrade the Graphics Processing Unit of the best laptops for artwork but here we will discuss a few. These few ways are the best and the most accurate if you want to update your laptop’s graphics card in an easy and mind-striking way. These methods are as follows:

1. Trying External GPUs Or External Cards

It is the easiest and the most simple way by which you can add to the Graphics Processing Unit of your laptop. You only have to buy an external GPU module and then connect it to the laptop externally. That’s it.

With this method, you do not have to open up your laptop and risk damaging the delicate parts of your laptop that are present inside it. You only require a compatible port and a wire to connect the external GPU with your laptop and enjoy the added features as well. The most usual connection that is observed is usually a ThunderBolt 3.

But keep in mind that the external GPUs are only good for such laptops that do not come with dedicated graphics cards. But the general thing is that most of the best laptops for adobe illustrator come with dedicated Graphics Processing Units that are manufactured by NVIDIA or AMD. The dedicated cards are more good to use as compared to the takeaway steer or external cards as well.

Pros Of External GPU

  • There is no need to disintegrate the motherboard after opening the laptop.
  • You can install it easily.
  • With this fix, you can easily attain the graphics just like a high-class PC.

Cons Of External GPU

Here are also some demerits of having an external GPU

  • They are expensive.
  • Quality does not get retained after the passage of time.

2. Use An Integrated Graphics Card Or Integrated GPU Card

You should always keep this thing in mind that we will not recommend this option but it is possible as well. If you have a lot of confidence and you understand the technology then you might go forward to perform GPU card up-gradation. This is clearly very much complicated and trucky to change the Graphics Processing Unit of your laptop.

Steps For Up-gradation Of Integrated GPU

Here upgrade refers to the changing of your integrated graphics card into dedicated ones. It is a simple thing in which you are swapping the in-built card of your laptop with a newly purchased GPU card.

Guidelines For Swapping Your Integrated Graphics Card

  1. Buy such a graphic card that is compatible with your laptop and also get an upgrade kit.
  2. In the laptop’s BIOS uninstall the GPU and then shut your laptop down.
  3. You have to open your laptop physically.
  4. For avoiding static you must use a grounding strap.
  5. Now carefully remove the heat sinks and heat pipes.
  6. Then remove 2 hex-shaped nuts along with the heat pipes.
  7. For heat dissipation apply thermal paste.
  8. After removing the old GPU, then install the new one.
  9. Apply thermal paste again.
  10. Reboot your laptop after closing all the screws.

For upgrading your machine into a gaming machine you can replace the Intel graphics card with entirely strong NVIDIA graphics cards. By doing so, you will get a complete idea of why most gaming PCs and gamers prefer to use their graphics cards.

Pros Of Integrated GPU Up-gradation

  • You will not observe any degradation in this card even after long time intervals.
  • You can get high performance from the time it is installed.

Cons Of Integrated GPU Up-gradation

  • If you are not professional then it is a dangerous task to perform.
  • Very much expensive.
  • It is not worth the money, time, and hassle.
  • There are very many chances to get the goods of your laptop damaged. 

Most The Professional Discourage GPU Up-gradation

Yes, it is a reality that most professionals or experts do not recommend upgrading the GPU of your best laptops for video conferencing because it is not worth it. Although we have provided you with most of the probable information about cracking and replacing the GPU cards of your laptop. But we will not recommend you to swap the graphics card of your laptop.

But don’t get disappointed, as there are a number of ways by which you can boost up the working capacity of your graphics card. The performance of your laptop can be enhanced by installing a more efficient CPU or adding an external GPU to your laptop.

Safe Ways To Upgrade Graphics Cards In Laptops

Some of the safer ways by which you are not giving any damage to your laptop or do not have any kind of danger risk are:

  • You can use an external Graphics Card Processing Unit that is compatible with your laptop.
  • Simply buy a new laptop.
  • Through the software update, you can upgrade the change and integrate it into a dedicated one as well. 

Should We Replace The Laptop Or GPU?

According to the professionals, it is highly recommended that you must change the entire laptop in spite of changing the GPU of your laptop. It will be more beneficial for you as there is no chance of risking any of the components inside your machine.

But some experts also suggest that investing in a PC would give you much better graphics and performance as compared to the laptop.

Although buying a new GPU for your laptop can be a cheaper solution at one time, it is not a sustainable or credible solution. With the passage of time, your GPU might degrade and its performance will get more and more lowered down as well.

The Final Verdict!

Here in this article, we have told you about most of the reliable methods and various techniques by which you can easily upgrade the graphics card of your laptop. Here you can also get a piece of complete knowledge about the merits and demerits of changing the graphics cards of your laptop.

We hope that now you have sufficient information that will help you make the proper decision on upgrading the GPU of your laptop. At we are always available to give you the best solution to your different tech-related problems. So keep yourselves updated by paying frequent visits to our site.

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