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Is Dell Better Than Hp?

Is Dell Better Than Hp

Is Dell Better Than Hp?

It can be very problematic to buy a new laptop from a sea of different models and manufacturers worldwide. The point where most of the users get confused is to select between Dell and HP. But Dell has emerged itself as a renowned and more reliable company in the laptop manufacturing field as compared to HP. Both of these brands serve as leading companies in the market and always give their best quality products as well.

Most people spent their leisure time on the internet comparing the different details and characteristics of the different laptop models but it is quite probable that HP and Dell both can give you perfect quality machines just according to your budget and requirements as well. If you are looking for a heavy-duty gaming laptop then go for Dell but for everyday usage Hp is good. Both the companies make their products just according to fulfill the needs of the users.


We should not make any haste in giving any final decision without comparing some of the basic features of both these laptop brands. Both these brands strive their best to manufacture the perfect products and try to lead the market. This competition tends them to make new innovations in their machines every time they launch a new model. Now, let us have a look at some of the key features of these brands.


Generally, machines by Dell are considered to be more efficient and in trend as compared to HP. although HP has many perfectly designed and well-performing laptops but Dell is considered more reliable by the users. Dell comes with a great range and wide variety of laptops for users with tint budget as well. This is the main key to the success of this laptop manufacturing company.

Dell is an older company as compared to HP and from the beginning, their computers are the perfect workhorses for different industrial usages, offices, and regular uses as well. Numerous people at the same time preferred to use the machines by Dell in their houses. Following is the overview of Dell on the basis of different parameters


When we talk about the shape and appearance of the machine’s body then it is very much clear that Dell does not put much focus on developing the looks of their laptops but the only exception is Alienware.

The prime focus of Dell is to make their machines more reliable and heavy-duty so you can also find most of the things like shape and style same in different models of dell.


While building the products the prime focus of the company is to use top-quality parts that can give the users perfect durability. They use different processors like Intel and AMD to make their machines work speedily without any glitch or hang. For the expensive machines, Dell offers a quad-core processor to give a more smooth running.

GPU is from Nvidia GTX and you can also have RTX graphics cards in different Dell models. In their gaming laptops, they use the Nvidia and AMD components with fast RAM to provide a very smooth gaming experience to the users.


The high-end models by Dell like Alienware are the perfect machines that can do most of the wonders that no other machine can do. Their performances are above the board and unbeatable as well as compared to different models by HP.

With turbo boost 2.0 and intel core i9 10th generation processor, they are the most powerful machines in the entire market. With their 32 GB RAM and SSD disks, they are the best rivals and it is very hard to find such competitive laptops in the entire market.


Dell always tries to upgrade its products more innovatively and creatively to make its performance better and speedy as compared to the previous model. To achieve high performance, they always add different specifications and improve the software as well.

One of the most recent and surprisingly awesome innovations by Dell was their Dell Cinema which is present in their XPS model for a perfect cinematic feel. With their astonishing designs and unique features, Dell added a subtle beauty and improved the performing capability in their Vostro and Inspiron series.

Customer Support & Service

Dell is the name of one of the most reliable and trustworthy companies when it comes to customer care and support after the purchase of the product. They sell each product with a warranty and it is not an issue if something goes wrong, they will fix it or change the product as well.

You will be entertained spontaneously if you call their technical support for any kind of query or any problem that you are facing in your machine. If the problem still continues then you must visit the nearest Dell repair center and can get your machine changes conveniently if they are not able to repair it.


The pricing of these top-quality Dell laptops is similar to most of the laptop manufacturing companies in the market. You can get an extensive range of various laptops present at different prices that can be the perfect companions for all the people having different budgets as well. They are very much affordable and undoubtedly Dell is the best choice for users with a tiny budget.

Besides the company manufactured machines, Dell allows its clients to have customized machines just according to their needs and requirements. You can add different specifications, components, and other things to your laptop by requesting Dell. The price of such a product may vary greatly from a normal product as well.

Hewlett – Packard (HP)

This American company is the topmost competitor and a direct rival of Dell. They started from a car garage and now are one of the most popular PC manufacturing companies in the entire world. They started by creating very cheap and vulnerable laptops for workstations. Their quality elements and durable factors made them entirely reliable in the market during their very first beginning as well.

HP’s machines can be suitable for both office and home uses yet they do not offer a wide range of models and series as compared to Dell. But the customers still find the best product in Hp according to their demands and needs. The best thing that makes these laptops trendy is their cost-effectiveness.


With concern to appearance, we have already mentioned that some users do not think much about the specifications while they prefer to purchase stylish laptops. And in this case, HP is a step ahead of Dell as it provides a number of laptops having a very stylish and chic appearance. The best example of the style in the entire market is HP Spectre series.

HP offers a wide range of products having an irresistible appearance and style but the only problem is that you do not have a wide color variety to choose from. With their all-metal casing laptops, you can be more fascinated as well. Their sophisticated and sleek design boost up the entire aesthetical appearance of these laptops which attracts customers.


HP installs both the AMD and Intel processors in their machines for smooth and entirely speedy working. And it is the fact that using different top-quality components may cause the cost difference from budget-friendly to expensive as well. In their low-budget models, they use intel’s AMD GPU while in the most recent gaming laptops you will find Nvidia graphics cards and the latest generation Intel processors.

They provide you with options in screen sizes that range from 13 inches to 17+ inches. And the screens with higher resolution and clear displays will definitely cost higher. These machines have the perfect battery life as well which can last up to 12 hours in some models.


If you want to get entertainment-oriented laptops that are best in terms of performance then you must choose HP. They are the real workhorses if you compare them on the basis of their performances. As compared to the other brans’ laptops most of the HP laptops having the same price and specifications will give you better performance.

As mentioned above that with the top-quality components and distinctive batteries these machines are more likely to perform well as the other laptops available in the market in the same budget.


As we all know that in innovating different products HP has always been the leading brand worldwide. They are well-known because of their exciting and unique products such as laptops, printers, scanners, and desktop machines. But HP didn’t focus on making Notebooks as they worked to improve their previously manufactured machines.

This company started to give the trend of touchscreen in laptops in true sense and by now HP is the best 2 in 1 laptop manufacturing brand in the market. This innovation attracted the customers too much and their sleek and sophisticated designs appeal the most as well.

Customer Service & Support

HP is a customer-oriented company and does care about the client. By several means, you can communicate then if you any kind of technical assistance. After purchasing the laptop you will get 3 months of free phone support and a one-year complete warranty for different hardware issues as well. You can also visit their service centers.

By using social media or HP Support Assitant you can talk to them very easily. But often you have to spend too much time on the call before talking to any of the representatives and sometimes the HP assistant says to update your anti-virus instead of fixing your real hardware problem.


Usually, HP laptops are not affordable and are expensive as compared to the other competitors in the market although there are solid reasons as well. The major reason is that HP uses costly components in the manufacturing and ultimately the customer will have to pay for it.

So as compared to Dell the pricing is high and you have to buy them from dedicated retailers and cannot buy these machines from the company directly.

The Final Verdict!

Is Dell better than HP? To answer this question you only have to look up your requirements and needs before making any final decision about both the brands. If you want to get an inexpensive and really very reliable machine then you should go for Dell. They have an affordable range of laptops but they do not compromise on the quality as well. You can also get laptops for gaming at reasonable prices.

But if you want to get stylish and powerful machines then HP is a good choice. Their prices are higher comparatively but they believe in innovation and always offer beautiful designs and heavy-duty hardware. We at Techtrada do not support any company it is totally up to you that which machine suits both your work and budget as well.

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