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Is DisplayPort better than HDMI?

Ports are the connecting medium offering a pathway for the data transfer as well as the connection of two mediums too. These ports have excellent functionality in allowing smooth and greatly undisrupted connectivity. HDMI and DisplayPort are the two most popular types of connecting cables, and of course, the origin of a frequently asked question is “Is DisplayPort better than HDMI?” 

This, for sure, gives way to an endless debate consisting of the influencing factors as well as the benefits and drawbacks of both. Following are a few reasons regarding the comparison of the two.

Factors To Consider For Acknowledging “Is Displayport Better Than HDMI?” 

Though both are distinctively functional within their own uniqueness, there does exist a healthy competition between the two. Selecting one is a prime concern for gamers as well as other users, regarding the connectivity of certain peripherals. This leads to the preference interrogation i.e. “Is DisplayPort better than HDMI?” 

Let’s begin with a basic comparison between the two!’

Shape and Size of the Connector

Is DisplayPort better than HDMI

Shape and size is the absolute and somewhat basic difference between the HDMI and the DisplayPort connector. A standard type A HDMI comes with a vertical symmetry and up to 19-pins. The mini and micro versions of HDMI connectors are a bit smaller in size however the pin quantity is the same: 19.

The standard DisplayPort on the other hand has a fairly large rectangular size and comprises 20-pins. As a specific feature, it has a marked edge in order to ensure an adequate connection orientation. There are certain small hooks as well, that do the job of holding any cable and keeping it secure in place.

Using DisplayPort vs HDMI

Is DisplayPort better than HDMI

When you are wondering for Is DisplayPort better than HDMI? Then Generally, HDMI connectors provide an ideal usage in the living room devices such as a gaming console, Xbox, or PS4, placed within the central area of the house (aka living room).

DisplayPorts, on the flip side, have their general placement over a Laptop or Desktop PC. They are more common within all commercial or official requirements, having a modem network connection.

Resolution and Bandwidth

Is DisplayPort better than HDMI

The newest versions of both the DisplayPort and HDMI, have come up with certain innovations in the bandwidth and resolution. The most important thing in this regard is to look for display compatibility. To put it another way is to make sure that your chosen port should have perfect compatibility with the display or else this would be an entirely pointless investment to make.

DisplayPort 1.2 is the most popular DisplayPort Version, that offers video resolution support up to a good 3840×2160 p, at the rate of 60Hz. It also has the capability to support the common video formats of 3D. The maximum bandwidth transferability of a DisplayPort 1.2 cable is up to 17.28 Gbps. Another D.P version, which is the D.P 1.4, comes with a bandwidth of 25.92Gbps and provides support of 5120x2800p, at the refresh rate of 60Hz. 

The most popular version of HDMI, which is known as HDMI 2.0, has its significance in supporting the UHD (Ultra High Definition) resolution with a bandwidth of 14.4 Gbps and at the refresh rate of 60Hz. Do take account of the version you’re about to pick for yourself, as this will genuinely affect your work or gaming progress.

Audio Features

Is DisplayPort better than HDMI

When talking about “Is DisplayPort better than HDMI?” Audio features are a crucial factor to consider. Both the HDMI and the DisplayPort efficiently support up to 8 different audio channels (24-bits) at the rate of 192KHz.

However, the HDMI comes with an ARC (Audio Return Channel) feature, that merely allows the AV receiver (source devices) for the audio transmission to the television. 

Cable Length

The “High Speed” HDMI-certified version of HDMI cable is the most well-known among all the available standards of HDMI. Within the HDMI, the cable length is determined by the performance specification. HDMI cables have a much smaller size, however, a single active signal amplifying cable or a signal booster can effectively go a long way, even for longer distances, as well.

Seeking for Is DisplayPort better than HDMI? Then A passive copper DisplayPort cable provides a data transfer within a range of over two meters and up to the resolution of 4k. DP, contrarily, succeeds in covering a far longer distance than the HDMI. For instance, it can give a transmission for up to 20 meters at a resolution of 2560×1600, however, it can’t carry the ethernet signals, the way HDMI does.  DisplayPort offers wide support of the adapters and it can efficiently connect with several display standards, such as the VGA, HDMI, or a single-link DVI. 

Multiple Display Driving

Driving multiple displays with a single cable is specifically crucial for professional-grade working. DisplayPort is the best choice in this regard as it can efficiently serve this purpose. As a justification, a single DisplayPort can effectively drive up to 4 monitors with a resolution of 1920×1080 p. DisplayPort is an ideal choice for professionals, requiring a single cable to use on the best 144Hz monitor under $200.

HDMI ports don’t have the ability to drive multiple ports at a time, as they can’t send multiple display streams with the same cable. For the majority of dual monitor setups within professional spaces, HDMI is, by far, a choice on the go. Apart from the monitors coming with VGA or DVI cables, the HDMI port can’t offer a multi-monitor setup.  

In outline!

When looking for the answers to “Is DisplayPort better than HDMI?”, at first, have an accurate figuring out of what your exact requirement is. Since both the ports serve a similar purpose in the first place, hence it goes without saying that both are equally advantageous. And each of the two comes with specified supportive features in order to aid with all working scenarios. 

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