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Laptop vs Chromebook: Which One Is Better?

Laptop vs Chromebook

Laptop vs Chromebook: Which One Is Better?

Chromebooks are considered the more appealing and inexpensive gadgets that one can use for productive things and can also avail a lot more benefits. These are the increasingly practical solutions used for everyday computing tasks.

But keep in mind that these Chromebooks are not for everyone. Here we will break the ice by helping you understand the major differences between traditional best laptops for SolidWorks and modern Chromebooks. So let us have a look at all these aspects.

Laptop vs Chromebook: Which One Is Better?

What a Chromebook Actually Is?

As laptops are being used for decades, there is no need to explain a Mac OS laptop or a Windows laptop. Here we will discuss the Chromebooks as they are really modern gadgets, an unfamiliar category for most of the customers.

Technically Chromebooks are laptops as well and their visuals are just like the ordinary laptops or notebooks from outside. The major difference comes on the software side which makes them differentiated from the highly recognized laptops or PCs. Here discuss some of the core differences between the most secure laptops and Chromebooks.

Laptop vs Chromebook: Which One Is Better?


Just like other laptops, Chromebooks do not have a versatile nature and they are not very much popular among people. But with the recent Play Store updates, you can use these Chromebooks just like the android or smartphones as you can get more efficiency with a full-sized keyboard and a large screen.

With the right apps, the Chromebook has a complete potential just like an ordinary windows laptop. But on the other hand, laptops have high-end and the most recent software approaches and specific programs as well.

Laptop vs Chromebook: Which One Is Better?

Operating System

The core feature and the major differentiator among the laptops and Chromebooks is that they do not run on the latest Windows or Mac operating systems. But their operating system is Google’s Chrome OS.

As the main method of productivity and activities, this lightweight OS gives priority to Chrome as a browser and allows apps to be installed from Chrome Web Store or Google Play Store.

Laptop vs Chromebook: Which One Is Better?

Hardware Differences

As running a browser and some apps is not a difficult task so the hardware components of a Chromebook are not much heavy-duty. As they are used by young users, the companies design them with low-grade components for the minimum workload.

An important thing to consider is that if a Chromebook is running on Chrome OS it does not mean that Chrome manufactures it. All other PC manufacturers including HP, Dell, Acer, and Asus are into the manufacturing of this device. Some of the technical differences between the components of Chromebooks and laptops are:

Laptop vs Chromebook: Which One Is Better?


As the Chromebooks are designed to perform light straining jobs so they come up with a low-power processor. In most of the inexpensive Chromebooks, you can get an intel Celeron central processing unit.

You can also come across the Pentium processors in these machines and if you move upward for the expensive models then core i5 or core i3 processors will be there. Occasionally different AMD processors based Chromebooks are also available in the market but they are very much low-grade at their working performance.

Laptop vs Chromebook: Which One Is Better?

Storage And RAM

Most of the Chromebooks offer 4 GB RAM and they come up with a flash-storage memory having a capacity of about 32 GB or 64 GB. As compared to the 128 GB, 250 GB, and 512 GB laptops the memory of Chromebooks is very much less and it will be insufficient for you as well.

You can store a load of files, documents, and other important data without any hesitation of space outrunning in ordinary laptops. You can use external SD to increase the storage of your Chromebook and can also transfer the files but it is not a satisfactory solution as the local memory of this device is very much low as well.

Laptop vs Chromebook: Which One Is Better?

Display And Screen

When talking about the display, the Chromebooks are just like ordinary laptops. The display size of Chromebooks ranges between 11 inches to 15 inches. Most of these books have complete and full HD resolution (1920 pixels by 1080 pixels).

The most low-end Chromebooks use a resolution value of 1366 by 769 pixels and most people avoid them as well. But they come within a very low budget.

Laptop vs Chromebook: Which One Is Better?

Battery Backup

Both the Chromebooks and the laptops have battery lives and chassis build quality according to their prices and their models as well. But the minimum battery backup of these Chromebooks is 10 hours. This battery capacity is enough for your whole day working.

Other standard USB ports and HDMI ports. The life of the battery is very much dependent on the usage of users and their workload as well. But they have a good battery backup that is enough for your whole day working. You can use them easily if you are a student.

The EndNote!

Here we have described all the disturbing and interesting facts of the Chromebooks. Chromebooks and Laptops both are entirely different things. We hope that after this brief comparison between the Chromebooks and laptops with Windows or Mac OS now you have sufficient knowledge that you can easily decide between the two.

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