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Laptop Versus iPad Pro

Laptop vs iPad Pro Can iPad Replace Your Laptop

Laptop vs iPad Pro: Can iPad Replace Your Laptop?

From the latest innovation (iPad Pro) in the market of laptop tablets by Apple there raised a question, whether iPad Pro can replace a laptop completely or not. The latest iPad that was often thought to be the larger and less cellular version of the iPhone has now become the most strong competitor in the entire laptop market as well.

As Apple says that your next computer would not be a computer, so here we will bring up some major facts and features that will completely differentiate both the laptop and an iPad. Let’s move towards the details and see which machine is the best.

Laptop vs iPad Pro

Major Characteristics – Laptops v/s iPad Pro

Here some of the key features are presented that will help you differentiate easily between these two devices and these features are as follows.

Laptop vs iPad Pro

Touch Screen For Creative Working

The most variant feature of the iPad Pro is that you get a touch screen to work innovatively that a laptop lacks inherently. The users can type very easily and do easy scrolling by having the device in their hands without facing any kind of hassle.

If your work deals with some of the audio or video designs day in and day out then you can visualize how impressive a feature it is. Here the iPad Pro of the modern-day gets more marks as compared to ordinary and traditional laptops.

Laptop vs iPad Pro

Mobile POS System

Most of the small-scale business holders have preferred to use the iPad Pro over a (POS) point of sale system. 50% of the businesses are running over the mobile POS technology system and the iPad Pro can run most of the mPOS software like Clover and Square with great efficiency as well.

No worry about which type of transaction you want to do, you can perform everything on the iPad Pro very easily. You can also use your iPad Pro for sending emails and other tasks like tracking orders as well.

Laptop vs iPad Pro

Adapt For Distinctive User Experience

Not like the traditional desktop or laptop users, the iPad Pro shows a full-screen display and gives the users an entirely striking feel while doing work.

With the spit view and side options, you can work on the different apps simultaneously at the same time. But while using iPad Pro as a laptop, remember that you have to deal with the applications in a slightly different way.

Laptop vs iPad Pro

Portability Approach While On-the-go

The iPad Pro is designed in such a way that it gives you the best kind of portability while you are traveling or you want to go on a business trip. With its unique and precise design, you can use it anytime and anywhere by placing it in your lap as well.

The average weight of a laptop is about 4.5 pounds but the most recent iPad Pro weighs only about 1.04 pounds. This means that it has a very handy and portable approach. And the major plus point of purchasing an iPad Pro is that you can get a cellular device so that you may connect to the internet without wifi.

Laptop vs iPad Pro

Compatibility With Proprietary Software

Unlike laptops, the iPad Pro is not compatible with most of the proprietary software. If your business is based on your native applications then it will be a hurdle to run them on the iPad Pro.

So for this, you can use most of the seamless web apps and can also have different native apps from the App Store. But you can easily keep your business running if you are using a simple and traditional laptop.

Laptop vs iPad Pro

A Bigger Screen

When doing some of the tasks like data entry or programming it requires more comfort and it is very much obvious that a bigger screen can give you this comfort. But on the iPad Pro, you have a smaller screen as compared to the laptops.

Apple gave different options in the iPad Pro to mirror your screen with the larger monitors and they can also connect with your bigger screens by means of different cables and some adapter to use an external screen. But in this aspect laptops are a far better choice than the iPad Pro.

On The Budget Point Of View

On The Budget Point Of View

If we talk about the price structure of the iPad Pro then we will come to know that it costs a very high price even without any accessories like an apple pencil or magic keyboard that make it more functional.

But on the other hand, you can get a top-class and highly functional laptop at an even lesser price as compared to the fully optional large-screen Apple iPad Pro with complete cellular abilities. If you are looking for a budget-friendly device then you must go for a simpler laptop than the iPad Pro.

Additional Accessories Are Required For An iPad Pro

Additional Accessories Are Required For An iPad Pro

If you want to make your iPad Pro completely functional and just behave like a laptop then you must purchase different accessories like a magic keyboard or a magic trackpad as well. These accessories will help the iPad Pro mimic the real feels of a laptop.

There are some other features as well that you can only see in your traditional laptops. For instance, there is only a single USB-C port in the iPad Pro while you get a variety of ports in primitive laptops.

Wrapping It Up!

As by the upper provided knowledge you can easily understand the major difference between the iPad Pro and the traditional laptops. Now you can make a decision easily whether to buy a laptop or an Apple iPad Pro in place of your laptop. From all the information now it would be much easier for you to make a final decision.

Here at, we always come up with top-quality and authentic information about different products that can definitely help our users to understand the working, pros, and cons of the device and make it easier to make a wiser purchase.

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