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LG 32UD60-B 4K UHD Monitor Review – Large 4K Screen For Multitasking

LG 32UD60-B 4K UHD Monitor Review Featured Image

The large screen of LG 32UD60-B 4K UHD Monitor can be a guaranteed plus point for its fame in the market. The display is not only large but also exhibits high content quality with crisp pictures and vivid, clear detailing as well. For such a large 31.5 inches UHD (4K) screen, the price package is reasonable too.

This Korean company has not used its proprietary IPS technology on this monitor. They used a VA panel, so there is a compromise on the quality to some extent. After the release, the undeniable LG 32UD60 B 4k UHD monitor specs helped this monitor to take over the market with its large screen and sharp display quality. LG 32UD60-B manual by the company shows up all the details, but here we make that information more understandable.

Reasons To Buy
  • AMD graphics reader.
  • The screen’s size is large.
  • You can enjoy split screening as well
  • Lack USB type C

Specification Table
Size 31.5 inches
Resolution 3840×2160 pixels
Max Refresh Rate 60 hertz
Pixel Type VA panel
Refresh rate technology AMD FreeSync
Response Time 4ms (GTG)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Product Dimensions 28.7 x 9.3 x 18 inches
Product Weight 15.70 lbs
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LG 32UD60-B 4K UHD Monitor | Detailed Monitor Review

Undoubtedly, the monitors like LG 32UD60-B 4K UHD Monitor are the right products that describe the future of 4K technology in a true sense. Because of its high image quality and outstanding performance, this monitor proved that large size does not mean average performance. You can easily improve your productivity and get many creative tasks from this working giant as well.

LG 32UD60-B 4K UHD Monitor Banner

While using a large screen for viewing content, it becomes easier and handy for you to properly differentiate between the tiny icons and text as well. So with LG 32UD60, you can easily get this convenience of viewing. Here in this LG 32UD60-B 31.5″ UHD 4k review, let us explore other features of this 4K console gaming monitor.

Build-up Quality

The overall build quality of this monitor is just average. Like the previous LG 32UD59-B, this new 32UD60 also comprises a body that is entirely manufactured from plastic. When looking into the battle of LG 32UD60-B vs LG 32UL500-W , we can see that the build-up quality of both these monitors is average but not up to the mark.

LG 32UD60-B 4K UHD Build-up Quality Banner

Despite the body or chassis of this monitor, the stand is also made up of plastic, which makes the sturdiness of the entire monitor low. Though this plastic stand would not be an issue for users with a normal daily usage routine. If you don’t like the stand, you can remove it as this device is compatible to be hung on the wall with great ease.

LG 32UD60-B 4K UHD Monitor Design

Our LG 32UD60 review shows that the aesthetics and design of this monitor are completely simple yet elegant design. The overall chassis of this 4K gaming monitor has a black finish and you will not see any kind of garish aesthetics on this monitor. It makes this LG 32UD60-B 4K UHD Monitor a perfect multi-tasking device to outperform for doing your productive tasks other than gaming.

LG 32UD60-B 4K UHD Monitor Design Banner

The bezels have sleek hard plastics that do not disturb your viewing experience at all. Like other LG products, this monitor also shows the minimalist design approach, as simple and elegant is LG’s characteristic feature. The overall design of this monitor does not show any kind of significant change, and it comes up with similar aesthetics to its predecessor models.


As far as the performance of this monitor is concerned, it is guaranteed that you are going to get an outstandingly decent 4K performance in this LG 32 inches monitor. An enormous amount of display real estate can be done on this monitor, so you can work on multiple applications and multi-windows on this monitor conveniently at the same time.

LG 32UD60-B 4K UHD Performance Banner

The 60 Hertz refresh rate is a pretty good choice for your different kinds of productive tasks. The AMD FreeSync technology is present that is here to add to the charm of your gaming and will definitely provide you with an immersive gaming experience as well. No matter how high is the resolution, the 32 inches screen is dedicated to providing you with 100% vivid, clear display quality.


This LG 32UD60-B 4K UHD Monitor has a native resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is a perfectly viable choice for many people. The excellent picture quality with such a high 4K resolution makes this 32 inches monitor a very versatile display for the gaming community. Reading tiny text, multitasking, doing office tasks, and using spreadsheets become easier with such a UHD resolution and larger display screen.

LG 32UD60-B 4K UHD Resolution Banner

This sharp 4K resolution of LG 32UG60 is very great for doing almost all types of tasks. Such high-quality resolution is no less than a bounty for the users. You are more biased towards multitasking. If you want bigger fun on a bigger screen with up-to-the-mark quality visual content, then this monitor is the best ever option you would ever come across.

Ergonomics Features

After patient testing, we discovered the ergonomics features of this monitor are poor. The large plastic stand only offers you a few ergonomic characteristics that may restrict your viewing angles. And it is not a good sign for gamers as they require versatile angles for viewing during their gameplays. But thanks LG for making this monitor compatible with wall mount stands.

LG 32UD60-B 4K UHD Ergonomics Features Banner

This stand will only offer you height adjustment up to 4.72 inches so that you may adjust the height of your display just according to your sitting position to enjoy really clear visuals. Besides the height adjustment, another ergonomic feature is the tilt that you will get into this stand. But there are no swiveling or pivot options at all.

Viewing Angles

Ergonomics and the screen of the monitor are two important components that decide the fate of the viewing angles of any display. Like other IPS display panel technology, this 32 inches monitor gives you a wide viewing angle approach which enhances the quality of your gameplay. These 178 degrees wide angles will make this device give you excellent picture quality with no deterioration.

LG 32UD60-B 4K UHD Viewing Angle Banner

As the ergonomics characteristics of this monitor are not up to the mark, so you are going to miss the better viewing angles as compared to other monitors of the same size. But you worry not, this monitor is compatible with a VESA wall mount stand that may give you a wide variety of viewing angles without demolishing the colors of your visual content.

Contrast Ratio

The native contrast ratio of this LG 32UD60-B 4K UHD Monitor is amazing so that you can do your gaming conveniently even in rooms with less ambient light. The results of our testing showed that the static contrast ratio of this wide-screen 32 inches LG monitor in 3000:1, which is very cool for high-quality images and perfect gaming titles as well.

LG 32UD60-B 4K UHD Contrast Ratio Banner

Its 300cd/m2 backlight brightness this contrast ratio combined shows up high-quality and deep black shades which aid the users in visualizing darker scenes with profound and vivacious visibility as well. If you want to get more precise and accurate results, then the HDR display mode is also present in this monitor that will offer you a highly competitive display during your gameplay.

Peak Brightness

300 Nits are the peak brightness of this display which makes this screen highly versatile as you can use it in the brighter rooms as well. If you have placed your gaming setup in such a room that has high ambient light, then do not get worried. Because the high peak brightness of this monitor will allow you to see the accurate visuals and offer you an outstanding picture quality with no deterioration or gamma shifts as well.

LG 32UD60-B 4K UHD Peak Brightness Banner

Even if you have natural light coming into your room, you will not feel the screen of this monitor dim. This console gaming monitor is a perfect choice for the hardcore gaming community. Besides gaming, you can also do more demanding and detail-oriented tasks like editing on this monitor as well.

Ports Selection

Ports are the most important component that attracts the gaming community the most. As they want to have such a monitor, which gives them a secure and convenient connectivity approach. So that they can connect the display monitor to their gaming consoles, PCs, or other peripheral devices as well.

LG 32UD60-B 4K UHD Port section Banner

In this LG 32UD60, you will get a DisplayPort 1.2 and a 2.0 HDMI port too. These ports will provide the users with a secure display connection and can offer a high refresh rate for better gaming as well. Besides these DP and HDMI ports, there is a USB 3.0 port and a 3.5 mm headphone jack is also present to connect external speakers.

Response Time & Refresh Rate

With a 4 ms response time and about 10 ms of input lag, this monitor serves as a great machine for playing your different games. Such an imperceptible input lag number is very much perfect for having a highly characterized gaming experience. Besides the 4 ms response time, you may also get an overdrive facility on this monitor.

LG 32UD60-B 4K UHD Response Time & Refresh Rate Banner

The max refresh rate of this monitor is 60 Hertz, which seems to be great for console gaming and for PC gaming as well. The FreeSync variable refresh rate technology is also present in this gaming monitor, which makes this device a clear-performing horse with such amazing features. And avoid all types of screen tearing, choppy images, and lagging issues in your visual content.



Our LG 32UD60 review will reveal that this LG 32UD60-B 4K UHD Monitor has a decent 4K resolution technology and proves itself a good competitor in the gaming community and other multitasking jobs as well. Its large screen size and high resolution make it a good option for people who want a bigger display to enjoy having an immersive gaming experience.

On the other hand, besides giving you the high-quality performance and ultimate gaming experience, this monitor will work pretty well for your office work, multimedia tasks, and gaming at 2160 pixels as well. The price of this monitor is really affordable. The high performance of this display values the money of the users.

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