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LG Gram 16Z90P Review – A Perfectly Mobile Laptop

LG Gram 16Z90P Review Featured Image

The LG Gram 16Z90P Review has got great importance because this is the first-ever LG machine that is EVO verified. With this 16 inched working giant, you can work the whole and lessen your workloads because of the high-performance rate of this machine.

Besides performance, this machine will not be very heavy on your wallet. The price of this LG Gram 16Z90P laptop is pocket-friendly as compared to the other models with the same specs. It will definitely not going to make a painful blow to your wallet.

Reasons To Buy
  • Battery life is exemplary.
  • The design is very attractive.
  • Performance is up to the mark.
  • The laptop is light in weight.
  • Ports selection is excellent.
  • Good screen quality.
Reasons To Avoid
  • Expensive laptop
  • Audio is weak
  • The design is a little plain

Specification Table
Screen Size 16 inches
Processor 4.7 GHz apple_ci7
Storage 1 TB SSD
Product Dimensions 14.01 x 9.58 x 0.66 inches
Product Weight 2.62 pounds
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LG Gram 16Z90P Review | Detailed Laptop Analysis

LG Gram 16Z90P Review - In-Depth Laptop Review Banner

There is an increase in the worth of this machine as it is the Intel Evo verified laptop. The EVO processor ensures that in this laptop you will enjoy a top-quality working experience in different aspects like battery life, wireless connection, mobility, response, speedy performance, and much more than well. So let us look at the brilliant features of this machine down here.

Processor Technology

Unlike its previous models in the gram lineup, this Gram 16 comes up with a more powerful processor. With the perfectly powered processor, you can take down any hard tasks speedily. No matter the task is related to productivity, image enhancing, or video editing as well.

Processor Technology LG Gram 16Z90P Banner

In addition, this machine has got an EVO verified base, which also increases the functionality of the processor. So it is sure that you will definitely enjoy the high-end tasks and can also get the demanding jobs done in the time’s nick.

RAM Performance

Compared to the older versions of gram lineup models, this 16 inches LG GRAM 16Z90P also has a 16 GB DDR 4 RAM capacity. Which is quite enough for machine learning. This amount of RAM is quite enough and does not create any hassle during your heavy work performances as well.

Ram Performance LG Gram 16Z90P Banner

In case you feel that the RAM requirement is not sufficient for your heavy tasks, then you can also upgrade the amount of the RAM. This random access memory can be upgraded up to 64 GB, which makes this machine a super performer to the next level.

Storage Capacity

The amazing thing is that in this highly mobile laptop you will get a 1 TB SSD storage drive that is more than enough for the users you want to do light gaming or other deep learning and machine learning tasks. As we all know, these programs require a large amount of space as well.

Storage Capacity LG Gram 16Z90P Banner

If you feel you are running short of your storage, then this 1 TB SSD drive can be upgraded as well. LG offers you an up-gradation of up to 2 TB, which makes the storage device of your machine very much roomy to welcome different applications.

Display Characteristics

This laptop is the first laptop in the LG Gram series that came up in a 16 inches display, otherwise previous models have a screen size of 15 inches. The aspect ratio of this laptop is 16:10 ratio, which makes the display quite visible and colorful.

Display Characteristics LG Gram 16Z90P Banner

With a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels, you will get a more vertical space for your work. With such a display approach, this laptop becomes a superb device that has confirmed mobility and an amazing middle-ground for high-end performance.

Graphics Utilities

Unlike other top-end gaming models, this LG Gram 16Z90P has Intel Iris Xe graphics. There is no other Nvidia RTX or GTX graphics card, which are the actual performing components in making any laptop a good gaming rig. You can also say that it is a downside to this laptop in some sense.

Graphics Utilities LG Gram 16Z90P Banner

Although, the performance of Intel Iris Xe graphics processing is also good. It dedicates highly amazing color quality and UHD graphics of your visual content as well. In order you want an extra heavy performance regarding graphics, then you can change this Intel graphics card as well.

Battery Life

This laptop has got incredible battery life. On a single charge, you can use it for the entire day. Because mobility is the focus of LG when manufacturing this LG Gram 16Z90P laptop. As you that battery is a very necessary component for the people who remain on moving.

Battery Life LG Gram 16Z90P Banner

With such an amazing battery approach, you can do all your tasks perfectly and with no break as well. So for business owners and other people who want a mobile workstation, this LG laptop is the best choice ever.


Latest Model
LG Gram 16Z90P Icon
LG Gram 16Z90P
  • OS: Windows 10 Home
  • Processor: 4.7 GHz apple_ci7
  • GPU: ‎Intel Iris Xe Graphics
  • Display Size: 16 inches
  • RAM: ‎16GB LPDDR4

Budget Pick
LG Gram 15Z90P Icon
LG Gram 15Z90P
  • OS: Windows 10 Home
  • Processor: ‎4.7 GHz apple_ci7
  • GPU: ‎Intel
  • Display Size: ‎15.6 Inches
  • RAM: 32 GB LPDDR4


There is overall no flaw in the manufacturing and component selection of this machine. Here you will get a major plus point. This laptop is EVO verified. So you can get all your heavy-duty tasks done precisely and efficiently as well. This machine is a real performer in a true sense.

We hope that after reading the whole LG Gram 16Z90P Review, you can now make a quite wise purchase while doing this machine. All the components of this machine are very amazing and perform definitely well. But as we all know, preferences matter a lot. In case all your requirements are fulfilled, then you can buy this machine for better productivity tasks.

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