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Where Is The Microphone On a Dell Laptop?

Location Of Microphone On Dell Laptops

Location Of Microphone On Dell Laptops; How To Enable It & Fix Issues

If you have a Dell laptop and are looking for a microphone on your laptop then you must read this whole article. Here we brought a lot of information about different fixes and other issue-resolving techniques for your microphone problems in Dell laptops.

We will tell you about the location of the microphone so you can use it for different purposes like recording, audio calling, attending different zoom meetings, or gaming as well.

We will give you perfect guidelines if your Dell laptop’s microphone is not working properly or stopped working all of a sudden. With these easy and simple steps, you can easily clean your laptop’s microphone and get it back to work. So let’s start this.

Where Is The Microphone On a Dell Laptop

1. Where Is The Microphone Of a Dell Laptop Located?

The microphone on a Dell laptop is located on the top of the display near the webcam. IN some models you can also see the microphones on the keyboard of your laptop. If you do not see any microphone at these points then you must inspect all the sides and bezels of your laptop to find the audio ports or microphone.Where Is The Microphone On a Dell Laptop

2. Mic On Different Dell Models

You can have different Dell models that have microphones on their chassis or the body near different ports or webcams as well. By inserting different mics, headsets, or mic and headphone combo into the headset ports you can also use the external microphones. You can use these mics for different purposes such as audio-video calling, skype calls, and other things like gaming.

Where Is The Microphone On a Dell Laptop

3. Way To Enable Built-in Mic On Your Dell Laptop

If you are a Windows user then you have a separate setting for enabling the microphone. In this setting, you can manage your different external and built-in microphones as well. Following steps are followed if you have wanted to enable your microphone on your laptop.

As some of the users prefer external mics to the built-in microphones for more secure or private audio or video calling or audio recording as well. To aid this, Dell laptops come with different ports so that you can connect your external microphone easily. You can get this USB or 3.5mm jacks on the left side of your laptop.
Where Is The Microphone On a Dell Laptop

4. Using External Microphone In a 3.5 mm Jack

The most official option that a laptop gives to you is the 3.5 mm audio jack. You can get this option from most PC or laptop manufacturers. This jack is present on the left side of most of the laptops.

If your microphone has two audio jack plugs then it is quite obvious that one is for the microphone and the other is for headphones.

Where Is The Microphone On a Dell Laptop

5. Microphone Settings On Dell Laptop And Audio Drivers

The most common problem that you can face from the driver’s point of view is the outdated drivers that are installed on your Dell laptops.

The perfect troubleshooting for this problem is to de-install and install the driver again. For this, you can follow the given steps.

  • Search the “Device Manager” or open it from the control panel of the windows.
  • After clicking the “Sound, Video & Game Controllers” option, a tab will appear.
  • If these drivers are installed then right-click on “Realtek High Definition Audio” select it to uninstall.
  • After putting the checkmark on the uninstalling option and then ok.
  • Reboot your laptop.


In this article, you are completely able to locate the microphone on your Dell laptop. Now we hope that after reading this article you can diagnose different problems with your microphone and can also get some solutions to these issues in a real sense. Our experts always come up with a lot more fresh and modern solutions to different tech-related issues.

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