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MacBook Air Vs Surface Laptop 4

This long-term battle between Microsoft surface vs MacBook air has been shifted from the software ground towards the hardware and undoubtedly Macs have a more appealing aesthetical approach as compared to Microsoft. As the matter of fact, Apple laptops are superior to the Surface laptops but Microsoft with every new model is getting more and closer to dethrone Apple.

Specification Comparison

Macbook Air Vs Surface Laptop 4; Which One To Choose and Why?

Though you can get more specifications in the Surface Laptop 4 than the MacBook Air with the release of the M1 chip, the Surface Laptop 4 can never ever beat the performance level of Apple’s MacBook air at all. So MacBook will be a better choice if you are a creative content creator or a video editor.


In surface vs MacBook Air, the design of the laptop matters a lot in making it more portable and increasing the aesthetical approach of the machine as well. Both these laptops are ultra-slim and the best laptops that can be updated and come up with the most colorful approach as well.

MacBook Air

The MacBook Air has a more appealing design and is slimmer as compared to the Surface Laptop 4. The chassis of these laptops are made from aluminum and the shades are Space Grey, Gold, and Silver as well. They are very slim and ultra-light and they got most of the precision in their manufacturing.

Surface Laptop 4

The design of the Surface Laptop is as same as the MacBook Air. The premium design of this machine is perfect and the solid aluminum is designated to craft the chassis of this laptop. But colors schemes offered by Apple are more vibrant than the Microsoft Surface laptops.

Apple MacBooks are well-known for their perfect aesthetical approach and their ultra-thin aluminum chassis as well.


When selecting on the basis of a number of ports you might get such a device that can fulfill your requirements. If you want to make a secure connection without using dongles then a laptop having ports will be a better choice.

MacBook Air

If we talk about the MacBook Air then you will come to know that there are fewer ports present in this machine. In order to connect extra peripherals, you must have to use a dongle. There is only a C port, thunderbolt port, and a headphone jack only is not sufficient.

Surface Laptop 4

But on the other hand, surface laptop 4 does not have any thunderbolt port. There is only a USB-C port and a USB Type-A port in this laptop which is accompanied by a headphone jack. For decking purposes and charging there is a magnetic Surface Connect port on the right side.

Both these laptops do not have a sufficient amount of ports that a user may require for the proper connection of the peripheral devices.


If are comparing between MacBook air vs Surface Laptops and a creative content creator then display will be an important factor for you. Without a sharp display with brighter and vivid clear visuals, the worth of the machine is below average. So, to experience an exceptional watching quality you might consider the display factor into accord as well.

MacBook Air

The screen size of the MacBook Air is 13.3 inches which is a little bit smaller than the competitor machine. If we talk about the resolution then its resolution is up to the mark and provides perfect graphics as well.

Surface Laptop 4

With a display of 13.5 inches, the surface laptop 4 comes over the MacBook Air but in the resolution round, it loses its superiority. However, the display is great and has vibrant colors but you can not attain vivacity and brightness in Surface Laptop 4 that Apple laptops deliver. In the ultimate battle of MacBook vs Surface Laptop display is a crucial factor.

No other brand can make up such vivid clear displays that Apple creates. So in this round, Apple goes up with a clear win.

Keyboard And Touchpad

Keyboard style and touchpad usability both plays an important role in making a machine preferable over the other. If the keyboard makes your fingers feel plusher then you will definitely give superiority to the more efficient device. So let us compare both these laptops on the basis of keyboard and touchpad.

MacBook Air

The click of the MacBook Air’s keys is more tactical and they will feel stiffer as compared to the keys on the Surface Laptop 4. But the force trackpad of this Apple MacBook Air is more spacious and provides a lot of gesture functions that aid usability and makes the user more convenient.

Surface Laptop 4

While the Surface Laptop 4 provides softer keys and you can get a more speed of about 121 words per minute with an accuracy of 95% on this machine. While the touchpad of this laptop is a bit inferior as compared to MacBook Air as it does not offer any advanced gesture controls like Apple.

Surface Laptop 4 has an entirely soft and easy-to-use keyboard as compared to the MacBook Air. So on the basis of the keyboard, prior is a good choice.  


The performance is the main factor in the never-ending battle between Microsoft surface laptop vs MacBook Air. It depends both upon the GPU and CPU of the machine. In both these laptops, you will get the latest quality CPUs and GPUs but even then there is a lot more difference in the performance of the two machines as well.

MacBook Air

The recent MacBook Air has the M1 chip that is considered as a performance giant in the world as well. With its integrated CPU and GPU accompanied by 16 GB of RAM makes the device very smooth in handling a lot of loads and very easily. For content creators and video editors, this device is no less than a blessing.

Surface Laptop 4

In the Surface Laptop 4, there comes an Intel processor which although fast but can not compete the Apple’s M1 chip in performance. But these laptops do perform well as Microsoft is making more and more updates in the latest Surface laptops and the Surface Laptop 4 is a more updated version than its predecessor models in terms of performance.

Apple Macbook Air is more precise in performing creative tasks because of its really innovative M1 chip which is more efficient than the Intel CPUs

Battery Life

While purchasing a laptop among MacBook Air vs Surface Laptop 4 for your usage you might also have to consider battery backup as a crucial factor. Since battery life is very much important for you if you are a business person and have to be on the move then you must purchase such a laptop that has long-lasting battery life.

MacBook Air

The battery backup of MacBook Air is more than the Surface Laptop 4 because of its newer M1 technology as well. On our battery run time test, the result that the MacBook Air has shown is about 14 hours and 41 minutes. This laptop in the M1 variant has an enhanced battery life as compared to the older models as well.

Surface Laptop 4

The Surface Laptop 4, on the other hand, did not perform well in the battery test as compared to Apple’s MacBook Air. The battery run time on simple web browsing was 10 hours and 40 minutes that showing a clear difference of 4 hours battery backup in both these devices. This is because the software and hardware of this device are power-hungry as well.

Because of the efficient working and new M1 Chip, MacBook Air tends to serve with longer battery life as compared to the Surface Laptop 4.

Windows Vs macOS

Comparing windows with macOS is not less than a battle but it will really be a nightmare for a Mac person to convert back on to windows. However, there is nothing wrong with the windows machine but the presence of some windows interface elements and a muddled start menu as well. So let us discuss both these operating systems one by one and compare apple vs Microsoft laptops on an OS basis.

MacBook Air

In the MacBook Air, you will get Apple’s Macintosh operating system which is way far better in comparison with Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 vs MacBook Air. With the ecosystem adaptable setting in the macOS, you cab get intelligent adaptation done by the laptop on its own while there is no such thing in windows.

Surface Laptop 4

On the other hand, windows is not a bad operating system but the features and the convenience of usage in windows laptop is less as compared to MacBook Air. Windows may get stuck during different heavy workload tasks and then you might hard restart your laptop. Although you can get easy installation and usage of other apps third-party apps in windows OS.

Mac’s OS is a better choice than Windows, if you are a professional then Mac will give you much more beneficial features than windows.


When it comes to the installation and smooth running of Apps and other third-party applications then most of the users consider buying a windows laptop (Surface Laptop 4) as Windows provides easy installation of the apps without any additional charges.

MacBook Air

In Apple’s laptops, you can not install any other application that is designed for windows as they are not compatible with the operating system. In addition, you also have to pay for the apps if you want to enjoy a full-fledge experience of using them. But keep in mind that these Apps perform way better than the windows apps

Surface Laptop 4

The Surface Laptop 4 works on Microsoft Windows as this laptop is also manufactured by Microsoft. As these laptops run on Windows so you can enjoy the installation of third-party apps without any kind of problem. You can run all the software very easily and for most applications, no purchase is required as compared to the Apple Macintosh.

Due to the great versatility and lenient nature of windows OS, it provides you with better application functionality.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 Better Than the M1 MacBook Air?
    However, Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 has many features but if you are a professional and want to get a high-performing machine for video editing or content creation then you must go for the MacBook. They are also are long-lasting and come up with a good battery backup as well.


In this never-ending battle between MacBook Air Vs Surface Laptop 4, this article will definitely help you figure out a lot of problems and will answer your queries precisely as well. We compared MacBook Air vs Microsoft Surface and provided with a sufficient amount of knowledge that is enough to differentiate both these machines in different aspects and factors.

We at, always bring up the most authentic and the most reliable information of the modern techs and their related products as well. So keep paying your regular visits on our website to get complete knowledge of these products that will definitely aid you to make your decision wiser.

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