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MacBook Pro Vs Surface Laptop 4 Which Laptop Is Better in 2022?

MacBook Pro Vs Surface Laptop 4

Specification Comparison

MacBook Pro Vs Surface Laptop 4; Which One To Choose and Why?

MacBook Vs Surface Which One To Choose

In case you want to get a laptop for your professional usage you must consider buying a MacBook Pro. However, Surface Laptop 4 has many striking features but in case of performance and display the newer M1 MacBook Pro is unbeatable.

MacBook Pro Vs Surface 4 Hardware Level Battle Banner


MacBook Pro Vs Surface 4 Design Section Banner

The tale of these two ultra-slim laptops is very amazing. Both these machines are designed aesthetically very appealing and attract the focus of the consumers toward themselves in a very wondrous manner. So let us begin with the aesthetical approach of MacBook Pro and then make a quick comparison with Surface Laptop 4 as well.

MacBook Pro

With its classical Aluminum chassis, the Macbook Pro is said to be the most durable machine in the world. The color approach is very amazing as it comes in Silver and Space grey that adds to the beauty of this laptop. The design is portable and brings great ease in commuting.

Surface Laptop 4

On the other hand, the surface laptop 4 is a slim and ultra-thin laptop that you can bring with you anywhere because of its lightweight and sleek chassis. The body is manufactured from solid aluminum and serves you for long intervals of time.

MacBook Pro Vs Surface 4 MacBook Pro Winner

Apple is well-known for its manufacturing and materialistic approach, so you can go for MacBook Pro if you want an appealing machine on your table.


MacBook Pro Vs Surface 4 Ports Section Banner

MacBook Pro

With the very new launch of the M1 chip MacBooks 2021, Apple has added more ports and taken the problem of ports away from the users. They added USB-C ports, Thunderbolt port, and MagSafe charging port as well. In addition to these connection ports, there also comes a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Surface Laptop 4

The number of ports in Surface Laptop 4 is less as compared to the new MacBook Pro 2021. In order to connect your peripheral devices, you need to use a dongle with your Surface Laptop 4. So it would be a wiser decision to get a MacBook Pro than a Surface laptop 4 if you want more ports in your machine.

MacBook Pro Vs Surface 4 MacBook Pro Winner

Ports are the basic connecting bridge, so choose MacBook Pro 2021 for a more convenient and secure connection approach as it provides versatile port options as well.


MacBook Pro Vs Surface 4 Display Section Banner

For content creators and digital video editors, the display is a very crucial factor. The sharp colors and vibrancy in the display will work to create a spell on the minds of the viewers. A quick comparison of Surface Laptop 4 vs MacBook Pro M1 on the basis of their screen size and display is as follows:

MacBook Pro

The new MacBook Pro 2021 comes in two different display variants are 14 inches and 16 inches MacBook Pro. with the new Liquid Retina XDR technology you will definitely get an unbeatable display in this performance horse. This liquid retina display promises vibrant shades that avoid irritation in the eyes as well.

Surface Laptop 4

Microsft had made innovations in the display field with its Pixel Sensor Display technology. The display quality in the newer surface models is more appealing and better than the older surface laptops. So a clear and vivid display is waiting for you in this Surface series by Microsoft. But according to the fact, Apple has more vivacity in the display.

MacBook Pro Vs Surface 4 MacBook Pro Winner

No other brand can beat the display quality of Apple, so for a professional working approach, Apple MacBook Pro is a good choice.

Keyboard And Touchpad

MacBook Pro Vs Surface 4 Keyboard and Touchpad Section Banner

The keyboard and touchpad are the components that one uses to give commands to your machine. These style and color combination also makes these components more appealing that may attract your consumers as well. Following is a quick comparison between these two powerful machines.

MacBook Pro

There comes a force trackpad with a spacious room that allows you to perform different gestures at an exponential rate. Besides the trackpad, the keyboard’s color combination is also very appealing on the silver-colored MacBook Pro. In this laptop, the keyboard has tactical keys that provide you with a speedy typing rate of 113 words per minute.

Surface Laptop 4

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 4 comes with softer keys as compared to the MacBook’s stiffer keys. They offer a lot more words per minute speed as compared to the competitor. You can get a speed of 121 words per minute on the latest Surface Laptop 4. The trackpad also has enough room but you will not have additional gesture features like Apple.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 Winner Banner

With a softer keyboard approach, you can enjoy a great typing experience in the Surface Laptop 4, so for the users that have more keyboard usage, this is a better option.


MacBook Pro Vs Surface 4 Performance Section Banner

The performance of any machine is dependant upon the GPU and CPU of that laptop. For better performance, you should try to buy such a high-end machine that comes with the latest graphics processing unit and central processing unit as well. So let us have a look at the performing components of both these laptops on a brief note.

MacBook Pro

Previous MacBooks (Before late 2020) have Intel processors and AMD GPUs that will give performance just like the Microsoft Laptop. But in the newly launched MacBook Pro with M1 chips entirely changed the performance scenarios of the MacBook. The single integrated M1 chip (CPU and GPU combined) is the performance giant and it has two following variants as well.

M1 Pro Chip

M1 Pro has double speed as compared to the older original M1 chip. With the more number of cores in the CPU, this chip enhances the performance of your machine. In addition to these additional cores, you will also get a 16-core neural engine as well.

M1 Max Chip

The Max variant of the M1 chip is even faster than the M1 Pro, which means the speed of this chipset is even three times more as compared to the first and the simple M1 chip. Despite having 16 cores neural engines there also comes a media engine in the M1 Max Chip that is perfect for video editing tasks.

Surface Laptop 4

The Surface Laptop 4 is also a good performer in all the fields except gaming. With their Intel processors and AMD Graphics Processing Units, the performance of these laptops is good but their speed is slower when doing a comparison between Surface Pro 4 vs MacBook pro. The standard Intel-core i7 processors are speedy but they can not compete with Apple’s M1 chip.

MacBook Pro Vs Surface 4 MacBook Pro Winner

From the performance point of view, Apple is a complete performance horse that can work smoothly even in heavy workload situations as compared to the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4.

Battery Life

MacBook Pro Vs Surface Laptop 4 Battery Life Section Banner

The battery life is a very crucial and very much important factor on the basis of which you can select a laptop. Businessmen who always remain on the go or on some other business trips prefer a laptop having an extraordinary battery life. So here in the battle of Surface Laptop 4 vs MacBook Pro, the battery comparison is as follows.

MacBook Pro

The newly launched MacBook Pro comes up with the mind-striking battery backup that you can enjoy in both the 14 inches and 16 inches models as well. This increased battery life is due to the M1 chip that provides more efficiency in the working hours of your machine. The details of both the models are:

Surface Laptop 4

On the other hand when we tested surface laptop 4 for estimating the battery time then the results were quite surprising. It showed up with a battery life of up to 10 hours only on complete usage. The reason is that the components of Windows laptops are more power-hungry and this operating system also requires a large amount of power for its efficient operation

MacBook Pro Vs Surface 4 MacBook Pro Winner

The battery life of the new MacBook Pro laptops has a longer battery backup because of their efficient M1 chipset that uses the battery more economically.

MacBook Pro Vs Surface 4 Software Level Battle Banner

Windows Vs macOS

MacBook Pro Vs Surface 4 Windows Vs macOS Section Banner

To narrow down your decision you may consider the operating systems of these machines as well. The OS of both these machines is entirely different so you can make a choice just according to your needs, desires, taste, and requirements. The Macintosh and Windows OS differ from each other in a variety of features, let us take a look at them.

MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Pro has the Macintosh that is way better as compared to the Windows laptops. As you can enjoy very mesmerizing and mind-rendering features in the Apple laptops. The MacBook Pro 2021 comes with the latest macOS 12 Monterey that is a performance giant by now and makes the machine faster and more efficient as well.

Surface Laptop 4

On the other hand, the Surface Laptop 4 runs on the Windows 10 home or you can also install the latest version of windows on the laptop. In these laptops, the plus point of windows is that you can easily run different kinds of third-party applications easier than the macOS.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 Winner Banner

As surface laptop runs on Microsoft Windows that may make the third party application installation easier as compared to the OS of Mac.


MacBook Pro Vs Surface Laptop 4 Apps Section Banner

If you are a content creator or want to get such applications that you can use easily for video editing then you must get such machines that will be compatible with your software or applications. The difference is that macOS is not compatible with some applications but you can easily use those apps on windows.

MacBook Pro

The final cut Pro for the editing of videos and Logic Pro for the editing of music are the most popular apps that you can use on your MacBook Pro with great efficiency. But some apps on these Apple laptops may require a purchase that will be costly for you.

Surface Laptop 4

The surface laptop runs on the Windows OS designed by Microsoft so you can easily install the third-party application from Google and can run them smoothly on your laptop. In addition to this benefit, you do not have to make purchases and pay charges for these apps like Apple MacBooks

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 Winner Banner

Windows offer versatility in all types of apps as compared to the MacBook that making them win significantly in this round.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 Better Than the MacBook Pro?

    The MacBook Pro is a very professional machine and if you are a professional content creator or do other pro-level works then MacBook Pro would be a better option for you as compared to the Surface Laptop 4. So in the battle of Microsoft Surface Laptop vs MacBook Pro, the MacBook 2021 is better.

  • EndNotes

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