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How To Make Steam Games Open On Second Monitor?

How to make steam games open on second monitor

However, for professional or casual gamers who want to know “How to make steam games open on second monitor “, this article accommodates you with the top tips and tricks to do so. Then we can say that the technological trend of using dual monitor setup is increasingly spreading around the globe. Using a multi-monitor setup can efficiently improve your work efficiency. No matter if you are among professionals to use the dual-monitor setup for official use or an individual to use this for your gaming addiction. This setup effectively improves your productivity and skills.

Methods To Make Steam Games Open On Second Monitor

This is an interesting and favorable thing for gamers to use a dual monitor setup for a comfortable gaming environment. Yes, you can use multiple monitor screens for playing games while enhancing your professional gaming skills. You can also set the resolution and screen frequency as per your gaming needs. But before you can enjoy the benefits of using dual screens for gaming, you must be aware of the methods on how to make steam games open on the second monitor.

Jump to the steps of how to make steam games open on second monitor. 

Method-1: You can Use Window Mode

How to make steam games open on second monitor

The most recent games are arising with full-screen more arrangement. The GPU arrangement of your essential screen upholds these games and gives a devoted stage to them to run. This is the motivation behind why illustration cards don’t uphold the optional presentation for messing around. Be that as it may, assuming this is empowered from the engineer’s side, you can utilize the window mode to open the steam games on the subsequent screen. There are three sorts of modes that are being upheld by the most recent games that are:

  • Window mode
  • Borderless window mode
  • Full-screen window mode

For the query of how to make steam games open on second monitor, follow these steps!

  • Press ALT + Enter keys simultaneously, while the game is running
  • The window mode will open in front of you
  • Pick up the game screen from first display and drop it other monitor
  • Activate the full-screen mode for better view
  • Enjoy the game on the second monitor

You can likewise check if the game you are playing has a window mode alternative in the setting. Now and again, it is being said by the gamers that once the game is opened in the essential screen and after squeezing the window/very key, you can see all at present opened windows, so you can move the gaming window to your subsequent screen and appreciate playing the game on the subsequent screen.

Use The Projector Mode

How to make steam games open on second monitor

This is the easiest method to follow. You can adjust your display to the PC screen, the only option on the desktop.

For projector mode , Follow these steps! 

Step 1: Attach the second display screen you want to use with your PC

Step 2: Open the game you wish to play on projector mode

Step 3: Navigate through your desktop screen

Step 4: press the windows and P button together

Step 5: select the PC screen only option among the displayed options

When you are wondering for how to make steam games open on second monitor? Then by following these steps your game will be moved to the subsequent screen while your essential screen stays clear. On the off chance that you wish to return to your essential presentation mode, Redo the means, return and appreciate it!

Switch the Primary and Secondary Monitors

How to make steam games open on second monitor

For genuine gamers who truly wish to make steam games open on a subsequent screen, the most effortless route is to make it your essential screen. This can be an intriguing, agreeable, and simple answer for all your gaming needs.

Connect your second screen with the PC through USB OR VGA port for ensuring the continuous use of settings that you have done, you can also learn that how to hide taskbar on second monitor? 

For switching the primary monitor to secondary monitor, following are the steps!!

Browse control panel window

How to make steam games open on second monitor

Step 1: Click on Display Go to Display>

Step2: Press the Resolution options

Step 3: open the settings

Step 2: Now move to the part where the associated screen number is shown.

Step 3: From the symbols on the two screens, click on the picture of the screen that you need to use as the principal screen.

Step 4: Now, check the container that says “Set this as my fundamental screen”.

Step 5: Click “Apply”.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

  • How to have the full screen view on the second monitor?

    If you’re having trouble with the screen viewing on the second monitor, the first thing you need to ensure is the fact that your scaling must be set to 100%. Also you can change the resolution from the “Advanced Display Settings” if you’re using an older version.

  • How to have full screen on the dual monitors?

    You’ll need to navigate to the full screen drop down menu and select the “Full Screen” option there. For this, follow the path thus; Settings>Remote Desktop within the application selection window.

  • How to get the right display fit on the screen?

    If you’re having trouble with the screen fitting, the reason probably would be the resolution mismatch. Other reasons include those outdated drivers of the display adapter and an incorrect scaling setting. Go for the troubleshooting of these issues and you should get the adequate screen fitting.

  • How can I improve a Dual Monitor Setup?

    One most common way to do so is to have the display matching. For this, adjust the stands of both the monitors for a perfect line up. Another fix could be rearranging the displays till the point they match the monitor’s orientation on desktop.

  • How to fix Projector Mode in Windows 10?

    For this, you’ll need to press the “Windows” key, followed by holding it and then press the “P” key while the Windows key is still being held. This way, you can come across all the available display options and choose according to your requirements.


When you are wondering How to make steam games open on second monitor? Then here at, you will find the solution. In the event that your subsequent screen isn’t appearing in the presentation part of the control panel, at that point you can tap on the catch ‘detect’ to investigate the issue. Assuming still, your subsequent presentation isn’t appearing, check the USB .

Whenever you have finished with the reason, you can switch back to your unique presentation by following the above advances once more!

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