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How To Move Task Manager To Other Monitors?

Do you want to know How to move task manager to other monitors? The multi-screen arrangement is a gift. It can assist experts with finishing their work and improve work effectiveness. Lately, Windows has figured out how to give outstanding amongst other multi-screen highlights. Clients can associate extra screens and flawlessly access their work on the two screens.

This is particularly valuable for visual architects, gamers, and different experts who need more screen land. The taskbar is a significant piece of the Windows 10 UI. Here you can stick your most loved applications, deal with your schedule, and gather taskbar catches. Windows 10 additionally permits you to bolt the taskbar, cover up the taskbar in work area/tablet mode, and utilize the Peek include.

Now scroll down to know how to move task manager to other monitors

For the majority of us, the greatest irritation is that the taskbars on the two screens are open as a matter of course. This default setting can create turmoil on the optional presentation. In this article, we disclose how to move task manager to other monitors in Windows 10.

Advanced Options In Windows 10

Windows 10 additionally offers various progress choices to calibrate your multi-screen insight. For instance, you can decide to show the taskbar just on the dynamic screen or join catches on other taskbars. I recommend you attempt various varieties and adhere to the best variety for the move task manager to other monitors.

Please follow the steps detailed below:

Stage 1: Right-click on the taskbar. Uncheck “Lock Taskbar”.

Step 2: Click and hang on the taskbar. Drag it to the subsequent screen and presto! Step 3: Click the mouse button where you need to put the taskbar

Step 4: Lock the taskbar by right-tapping on “Lock Taskbar”.

Another Method Of How to move task manager to other monitors?

Windows 10 introduces a slew of new features aimed mostly at desktop users, but there are plenty of options for mobile users as well. If you have several monitors set up in Windows 1, one of the newest features is the ability to shift program from one monitor to another. And here’s how you can do it: To switch the Task Manager or the active app of your choice to another monitor, press WIN + CTRL +. Here at, you can also learn the how to hide taskbar on second monitor? 

You can also simply move task manager to other monitors by following these methods. 

  1. Open a program. After it opens, go to the upper-right area of the program and hit the Restore Down button.
  2. Left-click and hold the pointer on the program icon in the taskbar at the bottom of your desktop once it has been minimized.
  3. Continue to drag the program to the left or right edge of your first display while holding the left-click (depending on where your second monitor is positioned)
  4. It must be dragged until it enters the desktop of the second monitor.


After reading our simple methods of how to move task manager to other monitors? We hope you can easily move the task manger to an other monitor. The above mentioned are the experienced and well practical steps. So just simply follow these steps and enjoy task manger to other monitor.

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