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MSI OPTIX G241 Review – Experience The Latest Games With Full Grandeur

MSI OPTIX G241 Review Featured Image

To enjoy the most advanced and latest gaming features, you must get a good gaming monitor. And we understand it is an arduous task to find such a monitor that fulfills all your basic requirements and also comes under your budget range. Here, we will lessen your worry by giving a detailed MSI Optix G241 Review.

The good color quality and a prominent display make this monitor a perfect competitor in the race of gaming monitors. It has a lot of features that will enhance the gaming experience of the user obviously. Following is a quick view of its major pros and cons.

Reasons To Buy
  • High contrast
  • Wide color gamut
  • Eye-catching curved design
  • A huge number of gaming features
  • AMD Radeon FreeSync
  • USB Ports
  • Design: tilt-only
  • Medium ghosting in fast games
  • sRGB presets absent
  • Better alternatives for such price

Specification Table Of MSI OPTIX G241 Review
Size 24 Inches
Resolution 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Max Refresh Rate 144 hertz
Pixel Type IPS Display
Refresh Rate Technology AMD Radeon FreeSync
Response Time 1 ms
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MSI OPTIX G241 Review | In-Depth Monitor Review & Technicalities

MSI OPTIX G241 Review - In-Depth Monitor Review & Technicalities Banner

Before purchasing any gaming monitor, do not decide in hassle without knowing the proper facts and information about the quality and performance of the monitor. You should read our complete MSI Optix G241 Review and see if the monitor can fulfil your requirements.

MSI OPTIX G241 monitor is a practical device that comes up with an amazing array of unique features and a lot of plus points that will definitely compel the users to purchase this monitor. So showing no kind of delay, let us look at the brief description of the characteristics of the MSI OPTIX mag241 series.

Build-up Quality

MSI OPTIX G241 Build-up Quality Banner

As a leading brand, MSI never uses cheap materials in the manufacturing of its products. However, the major portion of this monitor comprises plastic, but it does not feel cheap. The high-quality plastic makes sure long-term serviceability and a sturdy build-up approach as well.

The base also has a high-end materialistic approach, as it is created by using an aluminum alloy that ensures as a whole sturdiness of this monitor. This sturdy base will never make your display wobble at all.

Aesthetical Design

MSI OPTIX G241 Aesthetical Design Banner

This monitor features a solid design as the bezels comprise matte black plastic and the base stand comprises a solid aluminum alloy. Both these materials make the entire monitor look exquisite and add to the sturdiness of the entire build-up quality as well.

The OPTIX G241 review says that with high-end materials, the design of the MSI OPTIX G241 monitor has a durable and simple yet elegant design. With no top and sides, this G241 got a sleek and modern look that will fascinate the users in a true sense. Besides the usage of plastic, the quality of the product is premium.

Ports Selection

MSI OPTIX G241 Ports Selection Banner

If we talk about the connectivity of this monitor, then you can see the MSI OPTIX G241 best settings of ports. Our brief MSI Optix G241 Review reveals that there are two HDMI 1.4 ports and a single DisplayPort 1.2 is present to ensure a high-quality display connection between the display and your PC.

For connecting to the external speakers or any gaming headphones, you will also get a 3.5 mm audio out port. You will not get a single USB-C port, which is a major drawback in the port selection which the company needs to improve. Because the latest devices are now coming with USB-C options.

Viewing Angles

MSI OPTIX G241 Viewing Angles Banner

The horizontal viewing angles exhibit an extensive approach of 178 degrees, so you will not see any change in the colors in the monitor’s display, even viewing from sides as well. The same is the case with vertical angles, as they also have 178 degrees of view.

The overall display seems very good because of these wide viewing angels. They ensure no image distortion and change in color even looking at the display from different angles. But keep in mind that your sitting position or height may affect the image quality despite this amazing viewing angles approach.

Ergonomics Characters

MSI OPTIX G241 Ergonomics Characters Banner

For making your work or gaming much more comfortable and completely relaxed, buy a monitor with a lot of ergonomics options. But in this monitor, the ergonomics characteristics are restricted because the stand allows tilting only adjustment which is not good for making proper viewing angles.

Like other monitors, you will not get any kind of latest and featured ergonomic functionalities in this OPTIX G241 gaming monitor as the MSI OPTIX G241 review exhibits all possible information. So if you want a monitor with more precise and detailed adjustment options, then you must go for any other monitor.


MSI OPTIX G241 Resolution Banner

If you are wondering about: “Is MSI a good brand for monitors?” then you must know that this manufacturer has got a lot of experience in the gaming monitor category. So their products are up to the mark and really dedicated to providing you with astonishing gameplay because of high-quality features.

It has got a higher resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels for a better display. With such an amazing resolution approach, you can see all the titles of your games clearly. You can even use this monitor with your gaming console, like Xbox after setting the console’s resolution to 1080p.


MSI OPTIX G241 Brightness Banner

The thing that makes a significant difference in your gaming experience is the brightness of the monitor. In case your monitor gets a good brightness, then it is more likely to serve you in the darker environments as well. But the MSI OPTIX G241 color calibration offers you good visuals.

The peak brightness of this monitor is about 250 Nits as it does not have any HDR display mode. This monitor has a low price range, so this HDR feature is limited. If you want a high-end gaming monitor with high brightness value, then you have to pay more than well.

Contrast Ratio

MSI OPTIX G241 Contrast Ratio Banner

Being a conscious user, it must be your question that “Does MSI make good monitors with excellent contrast ratio?” In this regard, you must not worry as MSI is one of the biggest display manufacturing brands in the world. In the MSI OPTIX G241 review, you will get an optimal 1000:1 static contrast ratio on this monitor.

But when we checked the contrast ratio at the dynamic screen, then the results were 100000000:1, so you are going to enjoy amazing gameplay with this gaming monitor. These monitors will give you rich colors in darker areas as well.

Response Time & Refresh Rate

MSI OPTIX G241 Response Time & Refresh Rate Banner

MSI monitor response time setting is extraordinary as it provides the users with ultrafast 1 ms response time that does not allow any kind of visual distortion or image tearing at all. For the gamers who do not want lags or choppy screens during their gaming, experience this monitor with such response time is the best choice.

The lighting fast refresh rate of 144 Hertz, accompanied by AMD Radeon FreeSync response technology, guarantees you an anti-flickering display. You will not observe any delay between the visuals on your display monitor and the command as well.


MSI OPTIX G241 performance Banner

No one wants choppy gameplay or such visuals that have broken frames during their immersive gaming experience. If you want a lag-free and highly smooth gameplay, then the MSI OPTIX G241 has up to the mark performance because of high-end features and the latest FreeSync technology.

With a more generic display, these monitors can do more than gaming as well. The sRGB features of the monitor are highly efficient. After reading this MSI G241 review, you will come to know that you can even do your office job and other color critic task on this display as well facing no kind of serious issues.

Bottom Line!

To fulfill the needs of every gamer, MSI has created this monitor with top-standard materials that offer users sturdy and long-time serviceability. Here, in this brief MSI OPTIX G241 review, we have tried to cover all the aspects and features on which a gaming computer can be analyzed.

We hope that after reading this review, now you have got a lot of information that is sufficient in making a wise decision while buying an OPTIX G241 gaming monitor. This budget-fit monitor with a high refresh rate and fabulous response time can be your best gaming companion in a true sense.

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