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OneOdio Studio Pro M Wireless Review

OneOdio Studio Pro M Wireless Review – Over-Ear Gaming Headphones

OneOdio Studio Pro M Wireless Review – Over-Ear Gaming Headphones

We tested the all-new wireless headphones OneOdio Studio Pro M and found that they are the best choice for the gamers of today. These headphones give the best sound quality and listening experience for gaming experts that use Xbox One, PS4, or PC as well. With the perfect Boom Mic Microphone, it is the best option for delivering sensitive audios perfectly while you are on the playing field.

OneOdio is an old audio production company that has been manufacturing the best audio-producing products for 10 years. The company is totally motivated and working on its mission to provide the end-users with the best quality products at the lowest possible rates.

OneOdio Studio Pro M Wireless - The Complete Test And Analysis Of The Product

OneOdio Studio Pro M Wireless – The Complete Test And Analysis Of The Product

If you are in search of cheap but high-quality headphones for the purpose of watching movies, gaming, TV, or listening to music in your private space, then I will suggest that you must go through this entire article carefully. You will find beneficial things that may help you in deciding that for your casual use, how adaptable, convenient, versatile, and flexible the OneOdio Studio Pro M headphones are.

Packaging & Stuff Present In The Box

These Best Wireless headphones come in a perfectly well-created box. All the stuff is packaged perfectly inside the box. You can read all the technical details of the product that are present on the back of the box. On opening it, the stuff you will find in the box is:

    • The Studio Pro M headphones
    • Y extension cable with 3.5 mm pins.
    • Boom microphone on the 2 m cable that comes with volume control and music button as well.
    • A leather eco-friendly carrying case.
    • Charging cable that is USB-C type.
    • A user manual.
    • They come with an astonishing warranty of 24 months!
    • A gift coupon that you use and take advantage of while purchasing other headphones.

Functional Design And Ergonomics

The design of Studio Pro M headphones is foldable, which provides great ease when you have to store them or transport them from one place to another. The ear cups are closed from the back and have ample padding to provide the best results, even in noisy environments as well. These ear cups can rotate in both left or right directions so can fit easily on every head size. With their cozy design, they are comfortable to wear as well. You can use them easily as they provide more convenience as compared to other costly models.

Quality Of The Manufacturing Materials

If we talk about the build quality of these best surround sound headphones, then you will come to know that these headphones have a premium look, but the manufacturing materials are cheap. Still, they can give a fair look with the matt black plastic and chrome that is stitched with red. Some people may find the large imprint on the headband messy, but it is not such a big drawback. Besides the materials, the company guarantees that both the headband and ear pads are extremely durable and can last for long time intervals.

The Cushions Of Large Earpads

The large earphone cushions can be rotated to 90 degrees and they are actually memory foam. They ensure the proper ergonomics and relaxed wearing accompanied with a perfect passive isolation effect as well. The upper headband is also padded well and offers the perfect optimal acoustics protection and insulation as well.

Features Of These Headphones

These OneOdio Studio Pro M headphones come with Bluetooth 5.0 and a wired connection as well. If you are going to use Bluetooth, then with its built-in 1500 mAh battery you can get a playback duration of up to 30 hours on a single charge. This Bluetooth is compatible with your iPhones, iPods, iPad, PC, and other android devices as well. But with other devices like Xbox One, Xbox One S, Mac, and online meetings, you have to shift toward the wired connection by using a detachable audio cable that has a remote control and microphone as well.

Huge 50 mm Speakers

With the nemesis magnets, the huge 50mm speaker drivers of these OneOdio Studio Pro M headphones deliver the best stereo sounds, vivid vocals, excellent tones, and top-quality bass. The sound quality is unbelievably balanced for an astonishing gaming and music experience.

Control Buttons

The control buttons are present on the left and right pavilions of the headphones. So let’s have a look at the controls that these buttons offer us.

Right Pavilion

A physical on/off button is present in the right pavilion. You can also see the volume controlsup and down buttons. The right pavilion also has a 3.5 mm jack, which allows the headphones to have a wired connection with your devices using a physical cable.

Left Pavilion

On the left pavilion, you only got a USB-C port for the charging of these headphones.


I have tested these headphones with different online music apps like Spotify and found them quite functional. They provide a perfect active noise-cancellation feature which is very cool and amazing. Besides giving perfect isolation from the outside noise, these headphones will cancel the sounds that are very close to you and you will only perceive a slight hum. And it is really a very fascinating and incredible feature of these headphones.

Some Technical Specifications

  • Name of the model: Studio Wireless (Y80B)
  • Bluetooth protocol types: HFP / HSP / A2DP / AVRCP
  • Driver speaker unit diameter: Neodymium 50 mm
  • Impedance: 32 Ω
  • Sensitivity: 110 ± 3 dB
  • Playback time: About 30 hours
  • Charging time: Approximately 3 hours
  • Standby time: over 500 hours
  • Effective transmission range: approx 10 meters
  • Battery capacity- 1500 mAh

The response frequency of OneOdio Studio Pro M headphones is very good (20 Hz to 20 kHz). The impedance of these headphones is about 32 ohms.

Quality Of Audio

These headphones are very much snug and comfortable and the quality of the sound that this device offers is unbeatable in such an affordable price range. The sound is not of premium quality but it is fantastic as compared to the headphones at higher prices.

About The Bass

The headphones got a very powerful bass, but it does not distort the mids and other segments of the audio file. They always remain clear in these headphones. The closed-back design of the ear cups makes the sound quality more comfortable and clear to listen to. As they minimize all the undesired and unpleasant noises from the outside.

The Boom Microphone

To give you a hassle-free unprecedented gaming and voice chat experience, the OneOdio Studio Pro M headphone comes with the detachable, 360 degrees professional boom microphone. It is a single microphone that is dedicated to providing the users with a vivid, clear voice and it reduces the other background and ambient noises as well.


You can get these OneOdio Studio Pro M over-ear headphones at a cheap price of $58.11 from the official website of the manufacturer.

The Final Thoughts!

We at always bring a sufficient amount of knowledge for our readers so that they can make a quick and worthy decision for the purchase of specific techs and tech-related products. So in this article, I have mentioned all the data and information about the OneOdio Studio Pro M Wireless headphones and recommend you to buy this if you are planning to purchase a good quality headphone at pocket-friendly rates. But your purchase may vary according to your needs or requirements as well.

These best audiophile headphones are best for various audio-linked tasks, like zoom cloud meetings, webinars at Microsoft teams, gaming, or your casual music listening. As we have discussed earlier that they are wirelessly incompatible with various gaming consoles that may discourage a buyer to buy them, but they are excellent payback of your money with their high-quality sound and other matchless features at such an affordable rate.

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