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How To Add AN Orange Tint For Eye Strain? Expert Tips

Orange Tint For Eye Strain

Due to the widespread use of smartphones, long hours working on laptops or computer monitor screens, many people are suffering from several eye diseases or severe headache problems. To get rid of this problem, we suggest Orange Tint For Eye Strain. Although, smartphones or laptops are the essentials to use in everyday life. These technological gadgets are serving us in many ways to earn our living standards, that’s the reason we can’t deny the use of these fabulous tech gadgets.

Why do We Need to Add AN Orange Tint For Eye Strain?

Along with the access of use we also need to focus on our health, we should prevent our eyes from getting damaged by the rays reflected from the LCD screens. These screens emit a blue light that imitates the sunlight, this light is fine in the day but for people who work night shifts or habitual of using smartphones at night this light can be damaging. If you are also the one then, don’t worry, everything comes with the solution, all these gadgets are available with an option to filter blue light by the color temperature or they can be automatically adjusted. The best solution is to buy the best computer monitor for eye strain. 

This article covers the steps on how to add an orange tint for eye strain. Whether you are using smartphones, laptops, Macbook, or any other device, we have listed below all the steps. The orange-colored screen looks weird but you’ll be used to it once you applied this setting to your device.

Let’s dive in and follow the steps!

If you are a Windows user

Orange Tint For Eye Strain

Most computer users are running Windows 10, so let’s start with the setting you need to follow in windows for reducing blue light. This window 10 uses a feature named Night Light, which features reducing blue light after day hours. Here are the steps!

  • Open the screen settings
  • Click the “Display” alternative
  • under the “Color” heading, you will see a “Night light” choice
  • Click the “Night light” choice to arrange, click “Open now”,
  • You can likewise empower “schedule night light” by choosing “sunrise and sunset”, the window will naturally design these settings and change the shade of the screen.
  • You can also set your own time.

If You are A Macbook user then follow the steps below!

Orange Tint For Eye Strain

If you are a Macbook user, you can add an orange tint for eye strain by following the given steps.

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Click on Display Tab
  • Move to Night Shift
  • Adjust the intensity of light with a slider
  • Choose when it should empower working, and switch it on whenever in the event that you like.

If you are an Android user, follow these steps! 

Orange Tint For Eye Strain

Here are the steps of how to add an orange tint for eye strain?

  • Go to your smartphone Settings Option
  • Option the Display Settings
  • Choose Night Light option
  • Tap to schedule for custom time setting or it can be automatically setup to sunset & sunrise
  • You can also adjust it by using the slider or immediately turn it on to enable the filter

If you are an iOS user, follow these steps! 

Orange Tint For Eye Strain

For iPhone Users

  • Visit settings
  • Tap on Display & Brightness
  • Select Night Shift
  • Like other platforms, you can choose to schedule color filtering at night or set your custom time.
  • You can also adjust the intensity and enable it when you need it


Here at, you will find the solution, and also you may know that what to look for monitor for eye strain. Whether you are a professional user or addicted to using these tech innovations, you must be aware of the essential settings of the device you are using. If you know how to add an orange tint for eye strain,  then you can use your smartphone or work on your laptop comfortably!

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