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Top 12 Perfect Phone Gadgets That Any Tech Lover Must Have!

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The cell phone is such a thing that always remains in your arm’s reach all the time during the whole day. Isn’t it better to make it fun and functional by using modern add-ons and cool gadgets as well?

Here is the list of our top picks in the category of cell phone gadgets that will make the overall use of our phones functional and enjoyable as well. So let us move forward to the list of these gadgets without wasting a single minute of your time.

Ultimate List of Phone Gadgets Perfect For Any Tech Lover

Ultimate List of Phone Gadgets Perfect For Any Tech Lover Banner

The following mentioned gadgets are the most appealing and can give you a completely mesmerizing and practical usage approach as well so that you will love using them while on your cell phone. Let us begin with the final list down here.

1. Mobile Phone Lanyard

Mobile Phone Lanyard Banner

With a retractable clip and detachable buckles, this safety lanyard is such a gadget that you can opt to prevent your mobile from dropping while having easy access as well. This incredibly designed product comes with a strap made of solid silicon and 3M adhesive buttons that has the mind-blowing capacity of holding up to 15 kg.

Undoubtedly, these phone gadgets are the best for outdoor work and other related activities as well. You can also attach an ID band or any kind of keychain to it.

2. WandeR Bundle

WandeR Bundle Banner

Completely inventive! This WandeR Bundle contains a tab and a clip that are used to avoid dropping off your phone. This also serves as an anti-theft gadget, as the band can be directly rolled onto your wrist.

3. 10ft Lightning Cable

10ft Lightning Cable Banner

It has been a wish for most cell phone users, they can use their phone while on charging. So, making this wish a reality, you can get a 10ft Lightning Cable. By plugging your phone with this cable, you can sit anywhere and still have easy access to your phone.

4. Mobile Game Controller for Android & iPhone

Mobile Game Controller for Android & iPhone banner

Are you someone who enjoys playing games on their smartphone? yes, then you should have this controller. These phone gadgets (game controllers) will help you aim and fire more accurately. By using them, you can easily increase the escalation ladder in any competition.

5. JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker Banner

Want to enjoy a pool party with glorious music? This portable, waterproof Bluetooth speaker by JBL works as an amazing accessory to make your pool parties really great. This speaker can connect with two smartphones or tablets and you can enjoy up to 12 hours of battery backup as well.

6. Silicone Car Pad

Silicone Car Pad Banner

Need a more portable phone stand in your car? This silicone phone holding pad is very light and can easily hold your smartphone with a great grip in the car or on your office desk as well. This add-on works with no magnets, suction cups, or adhesives at all.

7. iOttie Smartphone Holder

iOttie Smartphone Holder Banner

Despite your lap or any cup holder, you can easily navigate your smartphone according to your sightline by using the iOttie Smartphone Holder. In the phone gadgets category of dashboard-mounted holders, this product is the number one choice among people.

8. 5-in-1 Camera Kit

5-in-1 Camera Kit Banner

This 5-in-1 camera kit is very helpful in making your camera more functional so that you can get more out of the lens. This kit offers fisheye lenses, wide-angled pictures, and macro lenses as well. In this kit, besides the lenses, you will also get a tripod stand for steadily holding your phone.

9. Camera Lens Kit

Camera Lens Kit Banner

This camera kit contains 3 attachable lenses, which help you improve the overall results of your camera. You can do photoshoots like a pro by using this camera lens kit. For perfectly amazing wide-angled pictures and close-up photos, these lenses are going to be your loyal companions.

10. Anker PowerCore+ Mini Portable Charger

Anker PowerCore+ Mini Portable Charger Banner

You can easily take this super-smart battery power pack anywhere. Being small and portable, you can slip these phone gadgets into the pocket of your pants. It offers you a faster-charging pace of up to one ampere.

11. Finger Loop Mount Stand

Finger Loop Mount Stand Banner

A finger loop mount is a clear twist presenting the pop socket. By using this gadget you can prevent your phone from dropping as it offers a quite handy stand for your phone. As this product is slimmer so you can easily put your mobile phone in the back pocket of your pant as well.

12. PopSockets

PopSockets Banner

These are the collapsible and circular types of grips that can be simply attached to the backs of your smartphones. The major benefit is that it gives you a better grip, and you can then text anyone, even using a single hand.

One-handed operations, such as taking pictures, have become easier. Such phone gadgets also avoid dropping your phone. A fun fact is that you can also fidget with your whole phone with this add-on accessory.

The Final Words!

With the new gadgets and different add-on accessories, we love to help the members of our society. In the above list, you can select one just according to your needs and taste as well. Keep visiting us for more!

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