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Review NexiGO-AM1 2020 Full HD Portable Monitor

NexiGO-AM1 2020 Full HD Portable Monitor

Looking for a reasonable and decent portable monitor? NexiGO-AM1 2020 Full HD Portable Monitor with multiple advanced features and specifications. It would be a budget-friendly pick for you with versatile features. This portable monitor does not require any additional drivers or software to install for the use of any modem with it.

Let’s move forward and discuss more features of the NexiGo-AM1 portable monitor.

Triple Display Mode Of NexiGO-AM1 2020 Full HD Portable Monitor

NexiGO-AM1 2020 Full HD Portable Monitor

In NexiGo-AM1 there are three different modes for you to meet the needs of the users. And the names of these modes are listed below:

  • Repeat Mode
  • Advanced Mode
  • Second Screen Mode

Let’s explore these modes in detail.

Number 1- Repeat mode

This mode is also known as copy mode. In NexiGO-AM1 2020 Full HD Portable Monitor this mode plays an important role as it doubles the screen of your PC or laptop. This mode can be used during presentations, business meetings, and all the work you do from home.

Number 2- Advanced Mode

Advanced mode is the second most important mode of the NexiGo-AM1. In this type of mode, you can do entirely different functions on the screen as the display of the NexiGo can be used as a second monitor.

You can operate the second screen by just swapping left and right on the display of your PC or laptop. For making your gaming and work more convenient and easier, the NexiGo USB Type-C screen enhances your horizons.

Number 3- Second Screen Mode

The NexiGo-AM1 portable display can be used as a primary display for your PC or laptop. By adopting this feature you can use the NexiGo portable monitor as a single display even if you turn off your laptop. Moreover, this mode can be used to save energy consumption.

Display Detailing

NexiGO-AM1 2020 Full HD Portable Monitor

The detailing of the display of NexiGo is incredible with HD-ready or full HD 1080p panel resolution. With this HD 1080p panel resolution the quality of the display on the screen is 2.25 times as compared to the HD 720p screen. By ensuring multitasking is more effective and interesting in NexiGO-AM1 2020 Full HD Portable Monitor, the availability of more screen space is a must as compared to the same size of similar HD screens.

Live HDR

NexiGO-AM1 2020 Full HD Portable Monitor

The dynamic range of black and white colors visibility on the screen is supported by HDR. The 4k HDR monitor also supports the high pixels and other security level. The dark areas on the display are deeper and rich but on the other hand, the brighter areas are lighter. In NexiGo-AM1 the detailing of the display is more sharper and accurate.

Viewing Angle

NexiGO-AM1 2020 Full HD Portable Monitor

The new NexiGO-AM1 2020 Full HD Portable Monitor is more advanced and provides an easier angle of the display. You can view it from any angle as it is portable. The horizontal and vertical portability is great for gamers or viewers who want to experience gaming and watching while sitting on the couch or even on the bed.

Color Scheming

NexiGO-AM1 2020 Full HD Portable Monitor

By NexiGo-AM1 you can view such a realistic picture even if you are tight on budget. As the resolution is higher so the colors are also more realistic, brighter, and natural.


NexiGO-AM1 2020 Full HD Portable Monitor

The specifications of NexiGO-AM1 2020 Full HD Portable Monitor are given as follows:

  • The IPS panel of NexiGo-AM1 offers more vibrant and strong colors
  • The display is full HD 1080p and it offers a detailed picture with the correct color scheme so you can enjoy every bit of your gaming and watching of the series.
  • Moreover, the frame is ultra-thin and designed on a 6mm frame with the weight of only a 1.9lbs aluminum alloy frame.
  • This NexiGo-AM1 is extremely portable and lightweight that you can carry it with you wherever you want.
  • You can connect the devices such as laptops, computers, tablets, and Mac can be connected to NexiGo with USB type-C.
  • With every single angle, the IPS panel delivers more detail and crisp quality.
  • The extended features are 2 X Type-C USB connections, one of them is data transmission and the other one is power supply.

Final Words!

The compact size of this HD portable monitor makes it more preferable rather than the other expensive portable monitors. You can carry NexiGO-AM1 2020 Full HD Portable Monitor in your laptop bag or backpack as it is easy to carry while traveling. As it delivers the best color scheming to the screen it suits best for gamers and series lovers. At an affordable price, this is the best option for you if you are looking for the best portable monitor.


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