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Review SAMSUNG LC27T550FDNXZA 27-Inch FHD Monitor

Review SAMSUNG LC27T550FDNXZA 27-Inch FHD Monitor

Review SAMSUNG LC27T550FDNXZA 27-Inch FHD Monitor

Do you know Samsung’s curved monitors are consistently being the number one in the whole market share? It has been the leader in curved monitors. Samsung is the first to introduce innovative displays to the world. With the industry-leading technology, it’s been the leader in the market since 2015.

Isn’t it interesting?

This smart Samsung monitor is perfect for gamers providing many interesting features i.e. HDMI, built-in speakers, curved monitor, Freesync, and many more. Now, here in this article, I will review the Samsung LC27T550FDNXZA 27-Inch FHD Monitor and will let you know all the features, specs, and prices as well. So, let’s start the discussion.

SAMSUNG LC27T550FDNXZA 27-Inch FHD Monitor

  • Series: T55 Curved LCD Monitor
  • Item model number: LC27T550FDNXZA
  • Item Weight: 11 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 9.82 x 24.14 x 18.03 inches
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 9.82 x 24.14 x 18.03 inches
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Date First Available: May 12, 2021

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Some Amazing Features of Samsung LC27T550FDNXZA

Now, there are some features of it that will describe that it is superior among all in the whole gaming world and make you buy it. These features are undoubtedly bewildering that every other gamer wants to have in his/her PC. Let’s have a look at them

Eye Comfort Certification

1. Eye Comfort Certification

The Samsung LC27T550FDNXZA is the safest to use because it has the eye comfort certification along with the high-performance curved display certification from the TÜV Rheinland. There is a reason for it to be certified from the and that is for its superior 1000R curved display.

The most amazing thing for which it gets certified is it is easy on the eyes and gamers can play on it even 24/7. 1000R perfectly fits the human field of the eye so that there is less eye strain. You can see its full screen in just one glance, and hence limit your visual fatigue even during sustained use.

It’s Sleek Design

2. It’s Sleek Design

Its amazing design is like for the next generation gamers i.e its borderless display which is enhanced by the premium quality slim metal stand. Moreover, its monitor not only catches the eye of any user or viewer but also complements any interior. Anyone, who puts a glance at its aesthetic design cannot resist himself to see it for a minute at least.

Entertaining and focused Comfort

3. Entertaining and focused Comfort

Its built-in 5-watt speaker makes you get lost in your favorite movie or TV show without plugging any speaker while you are in your comfort zone, hence making it a perfect gaming piece for the gaming world. Or, you can connect it with your all favorite devices by HDMI, or a DP, or a D-sub triple interface.

Want to know more about it?

By focused comfort means, it protects your eyes, hence reducing the eye strain and providing you with comfortable computing. However, it has the eye saver mode which minimizes the emission of blue light into your eyes which means you could stay fresh longer and can work as long as you want to.

Perfect for the Gammers

4. Perfect for the Gammers

This amazingly designed Samsung LC27T550FDNXZA 27-Inch FHD Monitor welcomes the gammers to their new playground. It delivers seamless gaming due to its AMD Freesync. And, its flawless imagery 75HZ makes the scenes smooth for the gamers for sure.

This incredible monitor offers you intensely realistic immersion and the credit goes to the renowned 1000R curved functionality. Not only that, but it also comes up with the game mode and makes it the desire of every gamer.

Things Gamers Love About it

Things Gamers Love About it

There are some of its specs which are as follows and I guarantee that you gonna love them. But, first, let me tell you about its availability and price. Right now, you will find its availability on Amazon, and it will cost you $267.

Now, here are a lot of its specs that make it worth buying for every gamer. After knowing these legit specs, you could hardly resist buying. No doubt, you may find it a little bit expensive but it is totally worth it with so many features and specs.


1. Display

It has LED backlight technology. Its image brightness is 250cd/m2 and the image contrast ratio is 3000:1. The type of its display is an LED backlight LCD monitor.

Following are some of its monitor features which include

  • Color Gamut: 80.6%
  • Adobe RGB Color Gamut: 88.4%
  • Display Size: 27 inches (diagonally)
  • Response Time: 4ms

These amazing features make this super amazing SAMSUNG LC27T550FDNXZA 27-Inch FHD Monitor different from others. The main thing is a game mode which you’re gonna love so much and this thing could make any gamer buy it.

The response time and then 75Hz game mode gives you the flawless, smooth, and sharp picture while gaming when they work together.

Power Device

2. Power Device

Do you know why it is called a power device? Just go through this info and you’ll come to know why. Actually, its power consumption stands at 0.3 watts even at off mode. And, its nominal voltage is about DC 19V, hence making it a powerful device. Also, its power supply type is AC 100-240 50/60Hz and it uses an external adaptor.

3. Connectivity

It has a sort of interesting interface because it has triple connectivity. You can connect your headphones, HDMI cable, and VGA (DB-15) cable which brings you complete connectivity according to today’s working environment. It has DisplayPort (1.2).

Not just that, its audio connectivity includes a built-in 5-watt stereo speaker. Now just imagine, audio in and headphones will give you an enhanced entertainment experience whenever you play games or watch any video, movie, or TV show.

Pros of Samsung LC27T55OFDNXZA 27-Inch FHD Monitor

Let’s have a brief look at its major pros too which are as follows

  • This super amazing SAMSUNG monitor is eco saving
  • The adorable display of it has the eye saver mode
  • Flicker-free technology is used in its display.
  • It has a Game Mode making it the desire of every Gammer

Cons of Samsung LC27T55OFDNXZA 27-Inch FHD Monitor

After discussing its specs and features. Now, let’s move towards its disadvantages. Because everything has its own pros and cons and so it has. Compared to its pros, the cons of this amazing monitor are very few, which might include its irreplaceable base. Another problem that you might face after some duration is the risk of it falling down due to its stand.

To Sum Up

That’s all for the viewers, these were major features and specifications of the curve champion Samsung LC27T55OFDNXZA 27-Inch FHD Monitor. If you want a super-amazing Monitor with all such aspects, you must go for it as it’s been the dream of every gamer to have it in his/her room. The built-in speakers display so many qualities and the game mode can make anyone buy it.

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