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Samsung UJ59 Review – Affordable 4K FreeSync Gaming Monitor

Samsung UJ59 Review Featured Image

If you are looking for one of the cheapest 4K gaming monitors in 32 inches screen size, then you will find our Samsung UJ59 review very much helpful. In addition to high-end picture quality, very little input lag, FreeSync technology, and much more make it the best budget gaming monitor in the current year.

For casual PC gaming or for console gaming as well, this monitor is the best choice for any gamer truly. If you want a smooth and highly competitive gaming experience, then Samsung UJ59 will definitely help you out. Besides gaming, you can also do your web surfing and other productive tasks on this monitor as well.

Reasons To Buy
  • Connect two devices simultaneously with Picture-by-Picture technology.
  • 4K ultra HD display with wide-screen.
  • The game mode is present.
  • Chassis is slim.
  • Appealing matt-black appearance
  • Video input auto-detection does not work.
  • Color glowing is prominent at corners

Specification Table
Size 32 Inch
Resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels
Max Refresh Rate 60 Hertz
Pixel Type VA Panel
Refresh rate technology AMD Freesync
Response Time 4 ms (GTG)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Product Dimensions 28.72 x 9.9 x 21.04 inches
Product Weight 16.90 lbs
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Samsung UJ59 Review | In-depth Monitor Analysis

If budget is your top priority, then Samsung UJ59 is a great monitor to opt for. In addition to the pocket-friendly rates, this display screen also offers you a lot of gaming features that will definitely aid you in having really enjoyable and fascinating gameplay. Being a top-notch brand, Samsung always provide good quality products to their consumers and has a prominent palace in the market.

Samsung UJ59 - In-depth Monitor Review Banner

This 4K gaming monitor will be the perfect gameplay partner of your PS4 as it has the ability to provide the users with optimal gaming conditions for better and more competitive gameplays. So without any delay let us explore all of these features in our in-depth review of this high-end gaming display monitor.

Build-up Quality

If we talk about the build quality of this monitor, then you see that this product comes up with a decent build-up quality as compared to the previous Samsung CF398 model . However, this monitor’s materialistic approach is very much sturdy but it cannot beat BenQ EW3270. The major portion of the monitor is manufactured from plastic, but there are no lacks or any kinds of issues.

Samsung UJ59 Build-up Quality Banner

The screen is really bezel-less and the entire chassis of the monitor is manufactured from plastic. The plastic is sturdy enough that will definitely provide you with long-term serviceability. This 4K gaming monitor is engineered perfectly so that you may not face any kind of hassle regarding the build-up quality of this device.

Samsung UJ59 Design

When talking about the design of this monitor, you will come to know that this is a flat-screen monitor and there is no curve in the design at all. The backside of the monitor seems to be pretty plain and only comes up with a single opening or vent that almost covers the width of the entire monitor. 

Samsung UJ59 Design Banner

The borders of this monitor are very thin and you may say it is a bezel-less 4K gaming monitor. Moreover, the thickness of this display screen is not too much, but when we measured it in the presence of a stand, it looks thicker. The stand of Samsung UJ59 is bulkier than compared to the stands of previous models and it can support the monitor in a more precise way.


The Samsung UJ59 is a monitor that comes up with amazingly more decent performance, but it is also a fact that some monitors of such price may outperform it. The input lag of this monitor is outstanding. At 60 Hertz refresh rate, you will get an imperceptible delay of about 10 ms only, which is brilliantly good to the next level.

Samsung UJ59 performance Banner

But keep a thing in mind that the response time of this monitor is not so good. So for the fast-paced game, this monitor is not a good choice as you will see some delay between the action on the screen and the commands that you have given. It may create trailing behind the fast-moving objects which you can visibly see in the darker scenes.


In case you are not a hardcore gamer or play games sometimes, only then this monitor is the best choice in terms of resolution. Samsung UJ59 32 inches comes up with a VA panel which shows up a 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels). This outstanding resolution guarantees a top-quality image which will definitely add charm to the gaming experience.

Samsung UJ59 Resolution Banner

A 32 inches screen with such a UHD 4K resolution is the best choice if you want to enjoy immersive gaming. Besides the gaming tasks, you can also do other productive jobs and creative content creation tasks on this display as well. This resolution approach proves itself more powerful for doing multi-tasks simultaneously.

Ergonomics Features

The ergonomic design of the Samsung UJ59 is a tilt-only design, so you will only get limited viewing angles. In short, the ergonomics of the stand present in UJ59 are horrific. The only adjustment that you will get is tilt. You can only tilt the screen from  -15° to 2.5° in order to make sure of your perfect viewing angles.

Samsung UJ59 Ergonomics Features Banner

There is no pivot, swivel, or even height adjustment is not present in this monitor. These characteristics are the actual reasons people avoid Samsung UJ59 and consider it a pathetic chap for their gaming purpose. But thanks to the VESA mount compatibility as you can mount it on a VESA stand for a better viewing angles approach.

Viewing Angles

The overall viewing angles of this monitor are really very disappointing. And the reason behind these pathetic viewing angles is the bad ergonomic characters. As we all know that a monitor with good viewing angles offers a great ergonomic adjustment approach but there is nothing at all like ergonomics in the Samsung UJ59 monitor. So this device is disappointing in terms of ergonomics and display angles as well.

Samsung UJ59 Viewing Angles Banner

The horizontal and vertical viewing angles are 178 degrees only. In case you want to improve your gaming experience while using this same device, then the only solution that you have to choose is a VESA wall mount stand. But this will definitely increase the cost of your monitor and at such a high cost, you can get other monitors with better ergonomics easily.

Contrast Ratio

As we have mentioned earlier, that monitor has a VA panel comes up with a more efficient contrast ratio as compared to the TN panels. It means that this monitor can show more detailed images, highlights, or shadows in a true sense. You will also get more precise and better image quality as compared to other TN panel monitors with a less effective contrast ratio.

Samsung UJ59 Contrast Ratio Banner

The native contrast ratio of this Samsung UJ59 is up to the mark seems to be very much similar to the Samsung CF398 . Such a brilliant contrast ratio is a really valuable change to the previous Samsung UE590’s contrast ratio, as it contains a TN panel which is so efficient in providing users with a good contrast ratio.

Peak Brightness

Samsung UJ59 differs from the other displays as it has only an SDR more and there is no HDR display mode on this monitor. The peak brightness of this monitor is really very disappointing, as we have tested it in various ways. 206 Nits in the overall result of the peak brightness by this 4K monitor, which is not a satisfactory result for such a branded monitor.

Samsung UJ59 Peak Brightness Banner

It proved that Samsung UJ59 is not a good choice to be used in rooms with more ambient light. Its display uses Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) to regulate the brightness of the screen in the lower backlight display settings. So reducing the brightness of the monitor may cause eyestrain or headache as well if you are screen flicker sensitive.

Ports Selection

The port arrangement of this monitor is present on the back of the monitor. Behind the monitor, you will find an HDMI 1.4 port, an HDMI 2.0 port as well. The first HDMI port will give you a maximum refresh rate of 30 Hertz at 4K resolution. A single DisplayPort 1.2 is also available on this monitor for easy connectivity to the devices like your gaming consoles that are DP compatible.

Samsung UJ59 Ports Selection Banner

If you want to get a 4K resolution at a refresh rate of 60 Hertz, then the HDMI 2.0 can give you a perfect gaming experience at these numerics. Besides these ports, you will also get a 3.5 mm jack for audio output. You can connect your external speakers or any gaming headphones by using this jack easily.

Response Time & Refresh Rate

This 4K gaming monitor for PS4 comes up with an impressive response time. However, a blurry trail can be visible behind the fast-paced moving objects, but this is not an issue for the normal content. You will even not notice it during competitive gameplay. By OD (overdrive), you can also adjust the response time settings, which makes your gaming experience more immersive.

Samsung UJ59 Response Time & Refresh Rate Banner

With AMD FreeSync technology, this monitor exhibits a variable refresh rate, but the maximum/peak refresh rate of Samsung UJ59 is 60 Hertz. This refresh rate may feel disappointing to some people, but such a refresh rate can easily handle your gaming consoles with no kind of hassle and does not deteriorate the picture quality as well.



The performance in the dark rooms is up to the mark and the PWM technology makes the image quality excellent. The motion handling is also good that can provide you with perfectly high-standard gaming experiences. You can buy this budget monitor for multi-purpose tasks.

Although Samsung UJ59 is a good monitor that can provide you with multi-tasks. But it is not such a monitor that may excel properly in a single job. The overall picture quality of the monitor is very amazing, but the viewing angles and the peak brightness of the display are very much pathetic. The ergonomics features of the stand are very disappointing as well.

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