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Solution For Brightness Control Not Working In Windows 10

Solution For Brightness Control Not Working In Windows 10

Looking for the Solution For Brightness Control Not Working In Windows 10? We’re all used to achieving our desired brightness by merely having to swipe a finger on the brightness scale of our smartphone (or tablet/Ipad, etc.) or most hardly a combination of two keys pressed at a time, for when it’s the PC that we’re using at the moment. Brightness level does make a huge difference in the screen viewing experience and also has many influential effects on our eyesight as well.

Have A Look At The Solution For Brightness Control Not Working In Windows 10

However, there’s this bothersome scenario too, which is quite common and can lead to a legit unsettling if not troubleshot properly and most importantly on urgent notice. That is for when the brightness control stops working or begins showing faulty functioning at times. This is for sure the time when one is desperately looking forward to a “Solution for Brightness control not working in Windows 10”. Nevertheless, no worries at all folks! For when you’ve stopped at, this is just the perfect platform where you’re meant to find all of the solutions for your troublesome tech, that too, in an admirable comprehensive and user-friendly description.

Before we begin, it’s important to know that the very device we’ll be fixing the brightness issue with is a Windows 10 PC, just in case you’ve overlooked this factor earlier! Any and every user of the Windows 10 must know (and be sick of too!) of this highly common issue and probably have faced it once (or more than once!) in his/her lifetime, as well.

What’s the point of this trouble?

Solution For Brightness Control Not Working In Windows 10

The brightness malfunctioning i.e. brightness setting not working often is due to some sort of a weird bug. This weirdo results in the fact that you can’t manage to have your PC’s brightness increased or decreased no matter how many times or how hard you try to do so (we suggest you to NOT GET FRUSTRATED over your keys at this point) and move straight towards the troubleshooting without wasting further time or getting mad at your PC! And consult an up to the mark “Solution for Brightness control not working in Windows 10” 

Over and above, to a further disappointment of yours, there are certainly other factors that come as a package content of the brightness failing problem. These can include:

  • High RAM and CPU usage, often known as the ntoskrnl.exe process that results in the slowing down of the operating system, and your PC will end up puffing in a literal manner.
  •  100% disk usage error, giving rise to the excessive consumption of the hard drive.
  • Brightness getting drastically low and totally unable to revert to a certain level for when it’s the need of the hour. Let’s say you’re watching some sort of pixelated content or even a horror (or any other!) movie that mostly involves darkened scenarios.
  • Brightness control stops working the moment your PC begins running out of battery.
  • Endless frustration and anger issues cast a really bad effect on both your mental and physical health. (Most important factor though!)

Don’t you worry, as together we’ll be fixing it all in absolutely no time!

Troubleshooting Solution for Brightness control not working in Windows 10 Laptop

Solution For Brightness Control Not Working In Windows 10

In the first place, a faulty Windows 10 Brightness can be resolved just by updating the GPU drivers. This is because of the fact that a GPU driver display containing a lot of bugs could be the only reason you can’t manage to achieve your desired brightness level on your PC.

However, if the problem continues or this above-mentioned solution isn’t your thing to go for, then you can, of course, move towards other methods by all means. In this modern era, several people still want to know how bright should be a monitor for graphic design? All you have to do is act upon these steps mentioned ahead:

  • On the search bar next to your Start Menu, type Device Manager and open it.
  • Look for Display Adapters in the list shown. Click on this option to expand it, followed by right-clicking on the GPU. The Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) is what powers your discrete or internal display. You can also have a check thus; Open ‘Run’ Windows, type “dxdiag” in it, and navigate to the window the display tab that shows up.
  • For the “Solution for Brightness control not working in Windows 10”, you’ll have to select the option of “Update Driver Software” from the given menu.
  • You’ll be seeing the Update Driver Software window where you have to click on the “Search automatically for updated driver software”. This is the point where your PC will make use of the available internet connection in order to search for and download the essential drivers required for proper functioning.
  • You’ll be shown the message “Windows has successfully updated your driver software”, once the driver has been installed automatically. Also, you’re gonna get the hardware details as well.
  • For the situation, if your brightness still has not been resolved, the main reason probably is that your graphics card manufacturer does not have any updates to provide to the PC. At this point, you can also go manually to check the official website of your GPU manufacturer to look for any of the available updates, or you can buy the best budget monitor for graphic design because these monitors come with sufficient brightness level which will protect your eyes
  • As per this step for the “Solution for Brightness control not working in Windows 10”, you’ll need to go through the above-mentioned steps of updating the monitor drivers in the Device Manager once again, except for this time it will be the updating option that’s going to be different. As the dialog box of “How do you want to search for driver dialog box” shows up, you shall have to select the option of “Browse my computer for driver software”, followed by selecting “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”?
  •  From the given options under the Show compatible hardware, you shall go for choosing the option of Microsoft Basic Display Adapter and afterward clicking Next, in order to proceed.

This is the point your PC will begin installing the selected driver and you’ll hopefully achieve an appropriate “Solution for Brightness control not working in Windows 10”. Of course, you can try and check your PC’s brightness by increasing or decreasing its intensity level.

Brightness Troubleshooting for Windows 10 Desktop

Solution For Brightness Control Not Working In Windows 10

Desktop obviously has a slightly distinctive working manner than that of the laptop and the same goes for the very issue we’re up to resolving today, i.e. a malfunctioning brightness. The fact that a desktop PC uses an external display and that its brightness isn’t controlled by the operating system, it can be made to change by using Monitor’s settings as well as buttons. You can go for resetting your monitor and this should work well, in order to fix the brightness issue.

Writer’s Comments

The writer of course hopes that by now, you’d have got a nice and at the same time fairly convenient “Solution for Brightness control not working in Windows 10”. And also for you to be lucky enough to not face this much annoying issue ever again!

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