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The Ways You are Using Your Headphones Wrong

Ways You are Using Your Headphones Wrong

You always buy a pair of good headphones or earphones for yourself. But the fact is that despite being durable they always break in a year or so, the reason behind this is that Ways You are Using Your Headphones Wrong. A simple question arises in your mind that why do my headphones always break? In my opinion you, yourself are responsible for breaking your headphones.

Have A Look At The Ways You are Using Your Headphones Wrong

The major reason is that you do not take proper care of them and handle them carelessly, which results in their breakage. Or your headphones become faulty if you are careless. In the busy and overwhelming life, no one has the time to wrap the wire of his headphone or put the earbuds in the bag as soon as possible. Such careless handling & Ways You are Using Your Headphones Wrong causes their durability to lower down. But fortunately here are some tips by which you can prevent the early expiry of your headphones and can increase their lives for more than a year.

1.Always Forget To Clean Your Headphones

Ways You are Using Your Headphones Wrong

The most irritating thing that chocks your headphones is the ear wax. In-ear headphones are more susceptible to earwax. In true wireless earphones which you have to put in the charging case, the earwax can create issues and can lower down the life of your charging case as well. If you are looking for Ways You are Using Your Headphones Wrong, we suggest Clean your headphones properly if you don’t want the gradual build-up of earwax in the charging case.

Some true wireless pairs of headphones are waterproof or they are highly resistant to water. So that you can instantly rinse them off under the running water tap. This method is only for headphones that have a rating of IPX5 or lower. So be careful about the IP rating of your headphone before washing them. In some headphones, their ear pads can be removed and washed. Some in-ear headphones provide you the removable silicon tip so that you can remove it and washing them under running tap water is no issue. But the caregiving point here is that you have to dry them completely before putting them on your headphones.

Different earwax cleaning tools are also available in the market nowadays. But you have to use them with great care as they designed them for the universal cleaning of all types of headphones. But these tools are simple and inexpensive that can make an appreciable difference to your headphone’s cleaning.

2.Misconception About IP Ratings

Ways You are Using Your Headphones Wrong

Sometimes the manufacturers say that their product is water-resistant without mentioning its IP rating. An IP rating is actually the level to which these products can resist the effect of water. If search about the IP rating then it will be mostly IPX4 which means that they are resistant to low-pressure water which does not damage them. But that doesn’t mean that you can rinse them under a running faucet. Or you can dunk them in a pool, this will definitely damage them. So we may say that the Ways You are Using Your Headphones Wrong causes damage to your headphones. Here water-resistant only means from the mist from a spray bottle, sweat or light rain, etc.

If they label your headphones as waterproof, but the headphones die after few visits to the gym, in light rains, or near the pool then it is most probable that they have a mere IP rating about IPX4. They are not completely waterproof. If you want to take your headphone regularly to the gym, in light rains, in the pool then you should buy headphones that have IP ratings about IPX7 or IPX8.

When it comes to truly wireless earphones, then it means the IP rating of the earpieces only. If you put damp earpieces in the charging case, they will undoubtedly cause problems in the near future. So you should take extra care of the wireless headphones if you want them to work at high quality for a longer time period.

3.Rolling The Wires Up

Ways You are Using Your Headphones Wrong

The most common way of destroying your wired headphones and Ways You are Using Your Headphones Wrong, is inappropriate wadding up the wires. In this case, the drivers in the headphones all are working properly but the tragedy has occurred with the cable. The cable is now faulty and is unable to deliver the audio signals. Here the question is that why our cables get damaged? The most common reason is that severed wiring that is on the sides of earpieces or at the 3.5mm jack. From the outside, the cable would like completely fine but the inside of the cables has been split into ligaments.

For the storing of cables, the only factor you have to observe is the loops. When the cables are manufactured, they have natural coils inside them and they want to follow that natural loop patterns. If you want to roll the cable in the natural loops, then after wadding upkeep the cable losing until it gets equally sized loops. After this, secure your cable using a twist-tie or cable-tie. It will give your cable a long-lasting life.

4.Not Using Protective Case For The Cables

Ways You are Using Your Headphones Wrong

When you buy your headphones or earphones, there comes a pouch with them. Putting the cable in the pouch is another way by which you can sustain the natural loop of your cable. These pouches are made from semi-hard materials and are circular in shape to keep your cable in its proper and natural coil. These pouches protect your cables from crushing as well when you throw your bag after a long day of work. These facts may enhance the life of your headphones.

5.Being Too Friendly With Your Pet

Ways You are Using Your Headphones Wrong

If you have a pet and you are too much friendly with it, then it might also decrease the life of your headphones. As the animals are curious about everything so you should not offer them your stereo headphones or earpieces. They can tear the wire into pieces and can present you with a totally wireless headphone in turn. The only precaution to be taken is that not to play with your pets using headphones. Do not leave your headphones on the floor. Place them away from the reach of our pets.

6.Neglecting The Audio App

Ways You are Using Your Headphones Wrong

We suggest looking at the Ways You are Using Your Headphones Wrong to protect your headphones. These days many headphones work with an assisting audio app. The best audio apps have customizable settings as well which can provide you the best audio experience. This customization setting is added to the adjustable EQ levels. These apps will provide the best customized and ready-made settings as well. They know about the sensitivity of the headphones’ inner circuitry and allow the signals according to their capacity. It optimizes the sound quality of your headphone and gives them a longer life.

7.Expensive Things Are Long Lasting

Ways You are Using Your Headphones Wrong

It is a bitter reality that inexpensive things are made from cheap materials and always give you inferior quality. The manufacturer does not bother about the detailing and finishing and overall quality of the cheap things. This is true for all types of wired, wireless, or totally wire-free headphones and earphones.

If you want long-lasting headphones, then you should buy an expensive pair of headphones to that limit that your pocket allows. The benefit of buying costly headphones means that you are going to enjoy an outstanding quality sound experience for a long interval of time.

In The End!

As a matter of fact, electronics are not designed to last forever. But if you take care of your headphones, then there might be a most probable chance of their long life. In this article, TechTrada provided sufficient information and all types of important factors & Ways You are Using Your Headphones Wrong as well as the long life of your headphones. If you observe all these practices, then you can use your headphones for up to a year or more.

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