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What are HDR Requirements for 4k Monitor?

What are HDR Requirements for 4k Monitor

What are HDR Requirements for 4k Monitor? 4 K Monitors nowadays are an equally popular choice of both the gamers as well as movie enthusiasts and of those as well, who remain indulged within creative tasks such as graphic designing or photo/video editing. The credit surely goes to the remarkable 4 K resolution they offer, which indeed makes every single view immensely vivid and of course much more fun to watch (or play within!).

Have A Look At What are HDR Requirements for 4k Monitor?

Another notable rage in today’s world is HDR technology which is basically a set of techniques used within photography and videography. This might seem regular in the first place, but this actually is the turning point and a totally worth-having thing by all means. Any and every of the content displayed within HDR turns out to be having the most immense levels of luminosity production, utterly unlike those of the results achieved with regular photography.

If you are looking to know What are HDR Requirements for 4k Monitor? then the HDR is one stunning way of having the widest color gamut and amazing levels of brightness, complemented by the highest resolution extent, eventually taking the screen viewing to an excellent new level.

The Ultimate Boost Up

What are HDR Requirements for 4k Monitor

In advance of knowing “What are HDR requirements for 4K Monitor”, the combined significance is for sure a matter worthy of discussion. Now, at this point, it won’t be hard to emphasize that a 4k screen when also provided with the High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR) will turn out to be a legit game-changer for literally any of the entertainment or work stuff you can think of. A 4k HDR Monitor will provide with the most razor-sharp and equally vivid picture quality, and that too, with the finest and widest color contrasts and not to forget those greater resolution levels.

Point to Ponder

What are HDR Requirements for 4k Monitor

Prior to proceeding further, there’s this one thing that must be considered. For streaming/playing any of the desired content over Windows 10 within HDR, your intended device (Laptop/2-in-1 PC/tablet) must support HDR, which is the primary cruciality.

As per the next step, which is finding the specifications of the very device you’re making use of, you’ll need to visit the official website of your device’s manufacturers. This way, you’ll be able to figure out what are the exact requirements or what else you’ll need to have!

What are HDR requirements for 4K Monitor; Important Aspects 

What are HDR Requirements for 4k Monitor

Considering your device to be featuring the Windows version of 1803 (Windows 10) or later, ahead are those basic requirements you’ll need to acquire, in order to enjoy the HDR content over your 4k Monitor.

  • Resolution and Brightness: Your device or let’s say monitors by default (built-in) must be 1080 p at least and preferably more than that. The same goes for the native brightness level which must be 300 nits (minimum) or above that, as per the professional recommendation.
  • Graphics Card and Codecs Support: Your intended Window 10 device must feature an integrated graphics card in the first place. This is essential in order to provide support for the PlayReady hardware digital rights management, which in turn will support the protected HDR content. In addition to that, for the very purpose of the 10-bit video decoding, all the essential codecs must be installed within your device. You won’t have to be concerned a lot if you’ve got a device with a modern processor, as nearly all of them nowadays support the decoding ability. Following are a few codecs that are usually required:
  • VP9
  • AV1
  • HEVC

Note: You can have these from the Microsoft Store or from similar extensions.

What are HDR Requirements for 4k Monitor (Window version 1709 or later)

What are HDR Requirements for 4k Monitor

Ensure the availability of the following:

  • Brightness and Control: The maximum built-in brightness of your device must be 300 nits or above and so must be the backlight i.e. it must be controllable(adjustable).
  • Graphics Card and Codecs Support: The Graphics Card and Codecs support requirement are the same that’s needed with Windows 10. That is an integrated graphics card supporting PlayReady hardware digital rights management as well as essential codecs doing the job of decoding the 10-bit video(s).

Enabled HDR: Your device must have the HDR-enabled by default, that is, from the manufacturer’s side. 

What are HDR Requirements for 4k Monitor for external display?

What are HDR Requirements for 4k Monitor

As far as the streaming of HDR videos on Windows 10 is concerned, both your Windows 10 PC as well as the external display need to support the HDR. For this as well, you’ll need to consult the official website of your PC’s manufacturer, in order to get to know about the specifications and requirements regarding various fairly distinctive PCs.

Nevertheless, the following are the ones that will require your assortment:

  • HDR Support and DisplayPort Range: Your TV (or HDR display) must have support for the HDR 10 and it will be the best (recommended by Professionals) approach that your displays should have the DisplayHDR Certification.
  • Graphics Card and Codecs Support: This very part will remain the same folks, no matter what version of Windows you settle for. This is the requirement of the necessary codecs for carrying out the decoding of those 10-bit videos. You can look for codecs at (of course!) Microsoft Store or at other extension sources, anyone that suits you. Plus your device’s integrated graphics card (it isn’t quite needed to be stressed over that the graphics card is also a must-have itself) must offer the support for PlayReady hardware digital rights management. This will eventually provide support for the protected HDR content.
  • Graphics Drivers Installation: For making the most out of HDR with your Windows 10 PC, it’s always the best idea that you go for the installation of the latest graphics drivers (WDDM) on it. You can have adequate info about this from the manufacturer’s website as well. Or you can also do it yourself i.e. acquire the latest drivers. All you need to do is navigate to your PC’s settings, followed by going to the Windows Update. There, you can look for any of the latest drivers as well as the ones your PC is in need of installation.

To Wind Up

We’re pretty hopeful that by now you would have a much comprehensive understanding of What are HDR Requirements for 4k Monitor, followed by which you can easily carry out all the necessary setup yourself. And of course, have a better acknowledgment of what’s exactly needed by your PC in order to have the best results out of your efforts as well as have a lot of fun too!

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