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Where Can I Sell My Laptop?

The Best Places To Sell Your Laptop On Cash

The Best Places To Sell Your Laptop On Cash

Many of us have laptops that are old and we have placed them in the closet or they are present under the stack of books. Creating money by soldering your old laptop would be a better option than letting it accumulate dust. With this money, you can contribute to buying a new laptop for your use as well. The amount of money that you can get from your laptop depends upon how old it is, what are its hardware and software specifications, its manufacturer, and its model as well.

You can have many options and places where you can sell your used and old laptop. Here in this article, we will tell you about some of the best places that are famous for selling laptops for cash. So without any delay let us get started.

Where Can I Sell My Laptop

Where Can I Sell My Laptop?

Following are some of the best places that are online marketplace at which you can easily sell out your laptops.


1. Swappa

This place named Swappa can aid you in selling your laptop for the money. You only have to upload your product with a good description and pictures. Unlike eBay, Swappa does not charge any kind of fee for the selling of your laptop. You can sell MacBooks, Chromebooks, and Windows laptops on this site.

But this site implies a few restrictions just like if your laptop is cracked or damaged or there are cracks on the screen or some of the keyboard keys are missing then you can not sell it on Swappa. While listing your items you can see the estimated prices of the same items as well. Buyers can also meet up with the sellers in local cities by using the Swappa Local feature.


  • There are no charges for listing your laptop.
  • Payments can be done easily using a Paypal account.


  • You can not have any instant buy-back option.
  • If your laptop is damaged you can not sell it.


2. Gadget Salvation

The service of Gadget Salvation is very much interesting. You only have to enter the model name, manufacturer, and the condition of your laptop and it will give you the best-estimated price of your laptop. The most striking point of this place is that the company directly buys your laptop from you and you do not have to list your laptop and wait for a buyer as well.

If you like their price offer then you can send your laptop to them labeling a free shipping label. You can also sell your other gadgets like tablets, mobile phones, etc on Gadget Salvation. After the arrival of your laptop you will get your payment in 48 hours by the following routes:

  • Venmo
  • Paypal
  • Cheque
  • Bank Deposit


  • You will get an instant cash offer after describing the details of your laptop.
  • Payment will be done within 48 hours.


  • Sometimes the model of the manufacturer brand of your laptop does not qualify.


3. Decluttr

If you want to sell a variety of items with an instant buyback option then Decluttr is one of the best options. The only downside of this site is that it merely selects the Apple laptops that are built after 2012. The MacBook models that can qualify the standards of this site are MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Standard MacBook as well.

To get a quote you can start selling your MacBook by putting a nice description and entering the serial number of your MacBook as well. Different tablets, accessories, CDs and DVDs, Books, Video Games, and Lego can also be sold on this site.


  • You can get instant price estimation.
  • The shipping is totally free.
  • Paypal payments and Cash can be received.


  • You can not avail of local selling options.
  • Buys MacBooks only.


4. SellBroke

If your laptop has missing keys or a cracked screen then other sites will not accept your laptop. In such a case you can sell your laptop at SellBroke for cash. You only have to give a brief description of your product and you will start getting instant quotes even if your laptop is dead.

You can use a free shipping label on UPS and FedEx that will be given to you by SellBroke as well. The payments methods or options that you can have while dealing with SellBroke are:

  • Google Pay
  • Paypal
  • Paper Cheque


  • This site accepts all kinds of damaged or dead laptops as well.
  • You can also buy other items.
  • Free shipping by UPS or FedEx.


  • You have to supply your own box for shipping the laptop.

Mac Of All Trades

5. Mac Of All Trades

If you want to sell your Apple laptop then Mac Of All Trades is one of the very excellent sites that you can ever have. This site is very much trusted and they are working since 1995. They have paid over $18 Million to users by these electronic gadgets.

You can also get free instant pricing and free shipping as well on Mac Of All Trades. For a custom offer from the service you only have to submit a form. If you want to get the best price for your laptop then make sure to send all the accessories with your laptop. If the battery or charging cable is missing then you will be offered a less price than you are expecting.

After they have received your laptop then you will get your payment done in three working days. They only offer two payment methods that include PayPal and mailed cheques.


  • You can get an instant estimated price for your used laptop.
  • All your payments will be cleared only in 3 working days.


  • If accessories are not complete then you will be paid less.
  • Only Apple laptops qualify.


6. VarageSale

On this site no matter what the condition of your laptop. It directly connects you to the local buyers. Firstly you have to download the app and then before posting your ad you have to upload its 5 pictures and a nice description as well.

If the buyers have any queries or questions about your laptop then they can directly contact you via the built-in message option of the app. Then after the deal is done you have to arrange a meeting and then you can get the cash at the same delivery time of your item.


  • You can get the app and it is very easy to use.
  • Local buyers are directly connected to you.


  • Your sale gets limited to the local community.
  • You have to find a buyer.


7. Gazelle

Gazelle is the leading site for selling out your electronic devices. You can ship your items for free as well. This specialized site can aid you in selling used cell phones. They also accept MacBooks, Laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices as well.

They provide you with an instant offer and then you can print the label and ship your item to them for free. Their payment methods are:

  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Paypal
  • Paper Cheque


  • You can get your payment through PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, or cheque as well.
  • A well-reputed company.


  • You may only buy back MacBooks.


8. Amazon

You have to check the trade-in option on the Amazon site to see whether they will accept your laptop or not. But you have to make sure that your device works properly and does not have any kinds of damages or cracks on the screen if you want to sell it on Amazon.

If your laptop gets rejected then they will send it back to you without any charges and the shipping cost of sending your item to them is free as well. You can also get an Amazon Gift Card in exchange for your laptop which would be beneficial for your next purchase as well.


  • You can find out the worth of your laptop on an instant basis.
  • The shipping is totally free.


  • Your laptop has to work perfectly and does not have any damages or cracks as well.
  • There is no cash payment on Amazon.


9. eBay

More than buying collectibles or toys, you can also sell your old laptop on eBay. You can easily set your eBay account up and then add the pictures, description, and title of your laptop that you are selling. Then set up the price for the auction of your device and wait for the highest bidder. You can also go for counter offers if you wish.

With the built-in payments options by eBay, the buyers can pay you using their credit or debit cards and PayPal as well. You have to pay 10% of the selling price to the seller as well.


  • An easy-to-use platform.
  • The account could be set up for free.


  • You have to compete with lots of sellers.
  • Sometimes you also have to pay shipping costs.


10. Craigslist

On this one of the oldest local selling platforms, you can sell a number of items for free. If you want to add some cash to your pocket by selling your laptop locally then Craigslist is one of the prime options. This site does not restrict you on the condition of your laptop. You can sell your damaged laptop or a laptop with a cracked screen on this site as well.

If you want to get a maximum price on this site then you should post a good description and a lot of photos of your laptop as well.


  • An excellent choice for local sales.
  • There are no restrictions on the condition of your laptop.


  • Sometimes you have to negotiate the price.
  • Just like the Facebook marketplace, you can not get a lot of traffic.

Facebook Marketplace

11. Facebook Marketplace

In this listing of different products, anyone can see the products by using the regular Facebook app or website. You can get access to a lot of buyers as Facebook has over 800 million users. If you want to sell your laptop locally then it is one of the best sale platforms at which you can post your ad without any fees.

You can get more traffic on this place as compared to the most competitive sites as well. You do not have to worry about the shipping while making a deal at the Facebook marketplace. Buyers can pay in different easy ways that are convenient to both the buyers and sellers as well.


  • This is built-in with the Facebook app.
  • The Seller does not have to pay shipping costs.


  • You must have a Facebook account to use it.
  • Only limited to your local areas.

Best Buy

12. Best Buy

Their trade-in program is designed to buy your laptops of all the brands. It can be a gift option if you want to purchase your next laptop from Best Buy. Because they do not pay any cash to you instead they give you Best Buy Gift Cards. If you need help in regard to changing your older machine from Best Buy then this site will be the best option you would ever have.

You only have to select the brand, model, and manufacturing detail of your laptop. Then the site will give you an estimate of your described product as well.


  • Best Buy is a very famous company.
  • Top brands are accepted by this site.
  • You can trade in-store and trade online as well.


  • You are only paid in Best Buy cards.
  • No other local stores accept trade-ins.


In this article, you will get complete knowledge about all the places at which you can easily sell out your old and used laptops. We are not promoting any of the above-mentioned sites. Always try to select such a site that offers you convenience and to which you have easy access as well. We at, always give you superlative information about modern technology and other tech-related products present around the globe as well.

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