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Where Is Bluetooth On HP Laptop?

Where Is Bluetooth On HP Laptop?

Where Can I Locate The Bluetooth On the Hp Laptop?

As we all know that Bluetooth is the best thing that we can use to send or receive data between two devices wirelessly. But here the question is: where is the Bluetooth on HP laptop? So you don’t need to worry about this question. We are here to help you understand all the problems, issues, and other Bluetooth-related questions in this article.

Here you will find a complete guide about the Bluetooth present in your laptop and this guide will also tell you whether your laptop is capable of Bluetooth data transfer or not. You are going to have a very exciting experience so without any delay let’s move ahead towards the beginning of this tech article.

Where Is Bluetooth On HP Laptop

How To Find Whether Your Laptop Has Bluetooth Or Not?

According to the fact, not all computers have Bluetooth but if you buy a newer model rather than having an older one then you will definitely get Bluetooth in it. Your computer is more likely to support a Bluetooth option if you see a Bluetooth icon at the bottom right corner of your laptop in the toolbar.

If there seems an issue and you do not see a Bluetooth icon then you can also check the presence of Bluetooth manually. Manual checking requires some common steps as well. For this purpose you have to follow some simple and easy steps that are:

  • In the Windows search bar type “Device Manager.”
  • To open it, click it.
  • Now scroll down the list of these devices and you are more likely to see Bluetooth if your laptop supports it. If you see it then your laptop has this technology.
  • If you do not see Bluetooth then you have to buy a Bluetooth adapter to enjoy wireless connectivity.

Where Is Bluetooth On HP Laptop

Is Bluetooth Technology a Safer Method?

The power of Bluetooth is low which is 0.01 W/kg. This technology is the form of microwave radio waves. So we can say that Bluetooth is a perfectly safe method that does not exert any harmful effect on your health as well. Using Bluetooth implies an even lower risk than using a mobile phone that produces a 1.6 W/kg power.

Where Is Bluetooth On HP Laptop

Connecting Different Bluetooth With Your HP Laptop

Nowadays most products come up with innovative Bluetooth technology. So one might know about the different methods of connecting these devices with his HP laptop.

By setting these Bluetooth devices in an appropriate way you can easily enjoy the end potential of your devices. If you have windows 10 on your HP laptop then you can easily connect it with other devices via Bluetooth, you just have to follow these easy steps.

  • Firstly check whether or not the device is turned on and is ready to pair which you want to connect with your laptop. The turning on system totally depends upon the device. Most of the devices require pushing the connection button and some require a long press as well. When the device is ready to pair then you will see different lights blinking in it. If you are not sure then you must check out the details of the product as well.
  • Search Bluetooth and other device settings in your HP laptop. If you do not see these settings then it may be quite probable that your laptop lacks Bluetooth technology and is an older model.
  • On the Bluetooth and other devices, set the toggle on the Bluetooth option to turn it on on your laptop as well (in case it is turned off).
  • Click the icon next to the Add Bluetooth and other devices. Then from different available devices select your specific device. These devices will be searched by the computer itself.
  • Sometimes you may require to enter a pin or password for your Bluetooth device for a connection. These passwords are provided by the manufacturers, if you do not remember any password from the manufacturer then you must try 0000 for the sake of pairing both these devices. This pin is often inputted if you do not have any pin yet the devices ask for one.
  • You will be alerted by your device if the connection is perfect. This alert is done by an audible tone, it could be a screen message, or an audio alert such as “your device is paired” as well.
  • A more secure device may need some further steps. If required then your computer will definitely guide you to walk through them.

By following these steps in your windows 10 machine you can also connect your PCs or desktop computers with Bluetooth devices as well.


In this article, our experts have told you about the appropriate location of your Bluetooth devices in the HP laptop. Now you have your question answered. We hope that after going through this article, you are now completely able to find the Bluetooth in your HP laptop and also know about the different methods and easy steps that are involved in the connection of different devices with your laptops and computers as well.

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