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Where To Place Security Cameras For Extraordinary Protection?

Where To Place Security Cameras For Extraordinary Protection

Where to place security cameras is the biggest question. Selecting appropriate points is a completely technical task. You have to make sure that your camera has been installed in the right place and at the right angle as well if you want to get the most accurate and broad view.

Security cameras are the best option to increase the security of your property, but the thing is that they require themselves to be in the right place. For all types of properties, security cameras act as an extra eye that can easily monitor all the intruding activities or unusual tasks in your homes as well.

So, in order to make your security system more efficient and effective, you must be aware of the precise locations where security cameras should be installed. To guide you completely here, we have complete information and a proficient guide as well. Let us begin with no delay.

Complete List Of Places To Be Considered | Where To Place Security Cameras In Your Property?

Complete List Of Places To Be Considered Banner

Everyone wants to enjoy an efficient level of security at their property, but to make your security system foolproof and completely precise, you must know about the spots or places where you have to install the security camera. Otherwise, they will not work properly to provide you with better visuals of your whole house.

So in such a case, it is of no use to protect your home using a security camera. So don’t get worried, here we have got a full list of different interior and exterior places where to place security cameras for a beneficial security approach.

Exterior Places

1. The Front Door

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People might think that intruders always try to sneak in from the sideways or find alternative ways to break into your house. But the statistics from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors revealed that 34% of burglars directly break into any house from the front door. So keep in mind that front doors have great importance.

Other professional thieves also like to strike from the front door. So, installing a camera on your front door will be very beneficial because you will be able to keep an eye on a group of people, such as babysitters, delivery people, and even members of your family. You can monitor who is coming or leaving. Video doorbells like the Google Nest Doorbell can be a good choice here.

2. Side And Back Doors

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These doors are left unseen and can let visitors in undetected, whether they are invited or not. Where to place security cameras on these side doors and back doors in order to get a proper security approach? Statistics by NACHI show that almost 22% of the break-ins have been through the backdoors.

So, in order to keep a proper eye on your uninvited visitors, try to install a camera on your backdoor or any other door, such as any door in your basement that could be a proper source of entry for a potentially intruding person.

3. Driveway And Garages

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The most popular places for burgers are the garages. Because garages are the weakest points of entry, Placing a camera in a location that provides a clear view of your entire garage will be very beneficial because you will be able to keep an eye on the people, your bikes, cars, sports equipment, tools, and even the person who handles them.

In such a case, if you have a detached garage from your house, then this camera will help you stay connected with the garage. But if you have got an attached garage, then you will be adding an extra layer of security. Where to place security cameras in these places? These points are useful for properly observing all of the events that are taking place.

3. In The Yards

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For the best protection of your home, you have to select the most appropriate places to install these security cameras. For such an approach, yards can never be neglected. So keeping an eye on the yards will help you monitor any intruder activity from the outside of your property, which should be eliminated immediately.

In addition to this, you can also monitor the activities of your kids and animals that are playing in the yard. Any trespassers or other people’s activities can also be observed if you have got the cameras installed in the right place and at the right angle towards your yard.

Interior Places

1. Common Areas

Common Areas Banner

When it comes to the interiors of your house, then it is more likely to place the cameras in places that show greater activity, such as in the kitchens, in the common rooms, or in the living room areas. Where to place security cameras in order to enjoy a perfect view of the different activities of people that they are supposed to do?

You can easily monitor your kids playing in the living rooms of your house. You can also monitor the babysitter to see whether she is doing her duty the right way or not. Different suspicious activities within these areas can also be properly observed.

2. Main Staircases And Hallways

Main Staircases And Hallways Banner

Placing security cameras at the major places like the walkthroughs, hallways, and the main staircases is a very good idea. By installing these security cameras in such places, no one can get into your house undetected. So you can keep a proper watchful eye on the visitors that you have got. By doing so, you can protect your home from different unexpected and hilarious types of events as well.

In case any thief or burglar breaks into the house through the bathroom or kitchen window, then he will be captured by these main cameras when he moves into the house. So, using these cameras inside your home can give you a real sense of protection and is the best idea that you could ever have. So, always think like a pro when thinking about where to place security cameras.

Areas Where Security Cameras Are Not Recommended

There are some places where it is not recommended to use security cameras because of the privacy risks. These places are mentioned below.

1. Places That Can Violate Privacy Of Neighbors

Places That Can Violate Privacy Of Neighbors Banner

Cameras are a great option to make your premises safer and to enhance the security of your place as well. But make sure that you do not disturb or intrude on the privacy of your neighbors. There is a certain set of laws and regulations regarding cameras and privacy that vary from state to state as well.

It is OK to record the front side of the property in your neighborhood in the background of your footage, but you have to be vigilant that your cameras should not influence the privacy of your neighbors. Just like places like bathrooms or bedrooms, they should not be in the recorded video of your security cameras.

It may give rise to different legal issues, and then you have to undo your installation. Where to place security cameras at such places to avoid their uninstallation later after any legal notice? So, before the installation of any security camera, you must abide by the related laws.

2. Bedrooms And Bathrooms

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We understand that you have got an ultimate urge to keep an eye on the activities of your babies and the elderly people in your house as well for their security. By doing so, you can also avoid any major accidents. But you have to keep in mind that some areas come up with warranted privacy expectations.

If you are using a monitoring service, then there are more chances that someone can hack your system by tapping on your camera system. So you should avoid the unnecessary installation of security cameras in places that require a greater extent of privacy.

Do Proper Camera Placement For Optimal Visibility And Function

Do Proper Camera Placement For Optimal Visibility And Function Banner

After finalizing the location where to place security cameras, now you have to make a proper strategy in order to set your cameras at an angle so that they may cover the intended places and areas perfectly. So proper guidelines are as follows:

Where Place Security Cameras Outdoors? Complete Guidelines

Where Place Security Cameras Outdoors Banner

  • Always install your security camera 8 to 10 feet high off the ground. As his height is enough to capture the detailed image and to make the camera out of the reach of thieves as well.
  • Never place a camera directly towards the sun because the bright light from the sun can deteriorate the image as you will only see the glare of the sun. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to tell what is happening.
  • In the outdoors, you can also decide whether you want to make your camera visible or hidden.
  • Always place security cameras outdoors that can withstand harsh weather conditions. They must be waterproof.

Where Place Security Cameras Indoors? Complete Guidelines

Where Place Security Cameras Indoors Banner

  • If you are going to install these security cameras indoors, then you must know that corners are your best friends. You can get the best possible view by installing these cameras at the corners of the room.
  • You can get a degraded image if you point the cameras towards windows because windows can show different reflections. If you see any washed-out footage, then some kind of reflection is disturbing your security camera.
  • But if it is necessary to point the camera towards the windows, then to avoid these reflection issues, you must place the camera at such an angle that it can capture the backlighting or the dark background of the outside. It will minimize the glare and make the picture clearer as well.
  • Direct light can wash out the footage totally. So keep in mind that you should never point a camera directly at a light source or a lamp in your home. Otherwise, you are more likely to get a deteriorated image that is of no use at all.

Tips For Installing Security Cameras

Here we have mentioned some tips that will be very useful during the installation of the security camera. These tips are very exceptional in order to make your place even more secure than ever before. So let us check out all of them.

  • Before the final installation, you must test all your equipment in a proper and professional manner. Performing such a test run of your security may be quite useful before you have to place security cameras at the selected spot.
  • Always use related tools and hardware for the installation of your security cameras. Inappropriate hardware and tools might damage your camera or some components of it. Such practice will result in economic losses.
  • The most important thing to remember is that you require an occasional cleanup and maintenance checkup of your cameras. Such things will increase the lifespan and working capability of your security cameras as well.


Here in this piece of writing, we have mentioned almost all about where to place security cameras in your home for the best protection. This complete guide will give you very amazing details and information about the proper installation and the selection of spots for the installation as well.

We hope that after reading this guide now, you can easily select an appropriate place for the placement of your security cameras. In addition, we also mentioned some tips and guidelines for the installation of these cameras in our outdoor and indoor places. So keep watching your loved ones by applying these tips.

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