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Which Is Better Wifi or Bluetooth Headphones?

Which Is Better WIFI or Bluetooth Headphones?

There is a significant difference between wifi and Bluetooth headphones that most people generally do not know. But this article will increase your knowledge about these two different technologies and make it clear that both of these headphones aren’t the same. Let me tell you a simple and unique fact that all the Bluetooth headphones are wireless, but not all wireless headphones are Bluetooth. Bewildered even more?

Don’t get perplexed. Here we will discuss in detail the major comparison of both these headphones, after all, it is very important to understand both of these technologies if you are planning to buy a new pair of headphones. So let’s have a look!

Wifi Headphones v/s Bluetooth Headphones

Before moving towards the intricate and complex details, let’s have a quick review of the major differences between wifi and Bluetooth headphones.

Major Differences

  • By using radio waves the Bluetooth headphones transmit audio signals while, on the other hand, Wi-Fi headphones use both infrared and radio waves to receive audio signals and for signal transmission.
  • The range of Bluetooth headphones is up to 30 feet, while Wi-Fi headphones offer a wide range of approximately 300 feet.
  • Both these gadgets have lower sound quality as compared to wired headphones. You can connect the Bluetooth headphones with many devices. But wireless headphones have a disadvantage in that they are more likely to pair with the devices of the same brand.
  • Bluetooth headphones are easy to use as compared to wi-fi headphones. The Wi-Fi headphones include 2.4 GHz proprietary radio signals specialized for the purpose of gaming.

Technological Differences

The first and the most important difference between the two headphones is the different technologies that they are using. The audio signals are transmitted by the radio waves in the Bluetooth headphones. But in the case of wi-fi headphones, they use both radio waves and IR radiations to receive and send the audio signals.

You can connect the Bluetooth headphones directly with your devices through Bluetooth that will give you a completely wire-free experience. While the wireless headphones use a base to receive signals that are typically connected to the PC, gaming consoles, or smartphones. That is a significantly more complicated connection. They run on Li-ion batteries that can be replaced occasionally.

Difference On The Basis Of Range

Another crucial factor on which you can clearly distinguish between the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi headphones is the range of their connectivity. The Bluetooth headphones offer a small connectivity range that is up to 30 feet (7 to 9 meters).

But on the other hand, wireless headphones provide you with a long pairing range of about 300 feet (90 meters). However, the modern advancement in Bluetooth technology has managed to increase the range by approximately 650 feet (200 meters). The all-new Bluetooth 5.0 headphones offer users a wide range of connectivity.

Sound Quality Overview

It is a general fact that everyone knows that the sound quality of a wired headphone is always better than the sound quality of Bluetooth and wireless headphones as well. But do you know what is the actual reason behind this? It is because, in the wireless or Bluetooth headphones, the audio signals are compressed before reaching the headphones that lower down the quality of the audio signals. This process deprives the sound of its wholeness and makes it totally flat.

To overcome this issue, the headphone companies are adding codecs to the Bluetooth headphones. The benefit of using these codecs is that they have the ability to convert compressed audio signals into high-quality sound. Latency or bandwidth is another major issue that makes Bluetooth headphones unsuitable for watching videos or for gaming. It is basically a lag or delay in time that your Bluetooth headphones take while receiving audio signals from the source.

Compatibility With Different Devices

Bluetooth headphones have significant supremacy over wi-fi headphones in terms of connectivity or compatibility with other devices. Most of the Bluetooth headphones available in the market can be connected easel with different Bluetooth-friendly devices. Without specifying the brand, make, or model of your device.

While the wireless headphones are only compatible with the devices of the same brand and specific models as well. This is the major drawback of these wireless headphones. And in the area of connectivity, they are definitely overwhelmed by the Bluetooth category headphones present nowadays.

Which Headphone Is Easy To Use?

Undoubtedly Bluetooth headphones are easy to use as compared to the latest wireless headphones. These Bluetooth headphones come with a built-in chip. That makes a perfect connection with your devices in a matter of minutes.

You just have to turn on the Bluetooth of your headphones and your device as well. Make a pair with the respective audio headphones and after pairing, here you go! All set to enjoy high-quality music in the nick of the time with the most stylish Bluetooth headphones.

On the other hand, wireless headphones are a little bit tricky to use. They come with a USB adapter that is responsible for establishing a connection between your headphones and the respective device. It uses a base that connects with your PC, gaming consoles, or other devices, and then it builds up the wireless audio signals transmission channel which takes time to get established. So, on a lighter note, Bluetooth headphones provide more convenience to use them.

The Final Words!

After reading the above article, now we hope that you are completely able to distinguish perfectly between these two types of wireless headphones. It is clearly visible that all the Bluetooth headphones are wireless, but all the wireless headphones are not Bluetooth. The Wi-Fi headphones use different technologies for their work, such as 2.4 proprietary radio signals, IR waves, and so on.

So it completely depends upon your requirements that which type of headphones will suit you more. Both the Bluetooth and wireless headphones are comfortable as they both provide a complete wire-free listening experience. But most users prefer Bluetooth headphones because they are easy to use and are compatible with all types of devices. If you are a gamer, then you might find radio frequency (RF) headphones better than these two.

At we always provide our readers with the best and most authentic information about the most recent techs of the world. We hope that after overviewing this article you now have plenty of knowledge about Bluetooth and wi-fi headphones and now can easily think which one is better.

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