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Why 144hz monitor is best for cs-go

Why 144hz monitor is best for cs-go

Perhaps the 144hz monitors are the best choice for playing featured games like cs: go. But if you want to know Why 144hz monitor is best for cs-go, then this article contains the best informative guide about this.

People, who are unaware of the fabulous features of these monitors will hardly trust me if I say that these monitors will drastically improve your overall gameplay, or if I say it can greatly improve your headshots hit rate? It may be a bit difficult to believe as the market is full of highly active and well-programmed gaming monitors. So, before we conclude, let me explain the top features of 14hz monitors available at, that make it the best gaming monitor.

Let’s Learn Top Features To Know Why 144hz monitor is best for cs-go

Upcoming are some of the salient features as well as a concise debate emphasizing the significance of a 144Hz Monitor. Since gaming is the very task that requires an overall rapidness, either it is the refresh rates or the resolution.

These factors contribute to making the gameplay a lot more smooth and the resultant viewing absolutely distortion-free. Have fun while gaining knowledge about Why 144hz monitor is best for cs-go.

Enhance the Gaming with 144Hz Monitor

why is a 144hz monitor the best for cs: go

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is a globally top-running game with the multiplayer first-person shooter, and to get the best gaming environment 144hz monitors are considered as the best. This is the best 144hz monitor under 200 used by Pro players due to the quick response time and higher refresh rates. So if you want to know Why 144hz monitor is best for cs-gothen read the best features of 144hz monitors.

Improves Your Aim

why is a 144hz monitor the best for cs: go

A 144hz gaming monitor comes with the best refresh rate of 144hz that allows you to get a much smoother motion while playing the game as compared to a 60hz monitor. With the wide viewing angles, you can have less motion blur and no screen tearing due to G-SYNC compatibility. This way, you’ll have a crystal clear viewing of your rivals and you can flawlessly predict your aiming and master a perfect shooting.

A More Fluid Gameplay

why is a 144hz monitor the best for cs: go

A 144hz gaming monitor with a higher refresh rate and lower input lag makes you better in FPS games like PUBG, Fortnite & CS: GO. Input lag is basically a delay between action from the keyboard & mouse to your monitor display. This 144hz monitor enables you to react faster than your enemy, offering an opportunity to shoot first.

This is the reason that Why 144hz monitor is best for cs-go as it always keeps you one step forward than your enemy because of its higher response rate. With frequent use, practice, and of course dedication you can definitely improve your game scoring and you’ll be handy in playing games in a comfortable gaming environment & you can have more fluid gameplay.

Lesser Screen-Tearing

why is a 144hz monitor the best for cs: go

In addition to an excellent gaming environment giving off more fluid gameplay with a 144hz monitor, you’ll also enjoy much-diminished screen tearing. With this monitor, the screen tearing will almost reduce to zero because it has double frames as compared to a 60hz monitor.

Screen- tearing in games will definitely affect your gameplay, as you’ll not be able to judge the environment carefully. This will affect your overall performance within competitive FPS games such as PUBG, fortnight, Counter-Strike overwatch, and others.


For the potential gamer who is a completely competitive type, who wants to know Why 144hz monitor is best for cs-go, the above-mentioned features at are the best answers to know. Due to FreeSync support and G-SYNC compatibility, this best 144hz monitor under 200 is the top choice for many pro players. Its higher resolution screen, best color quality, and faster refresh rate make it best for playing Fortnite, PUBG & CS: GO.

Well, whether this one or not, for a professional and comfortable gaming environment you must choose a good gaming monitor according to your game style, so why not a 144hz monitor? Choose this and be the best gamer!

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