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Why My Laptop Is Not Connecting To Wifi?

Why Is My Laptop Not Connecting To The Wifi?

Every one of us has definitely faced such a situation that we pick up our laptop to watch our favorite show or any movie but the laptop is not connected to the wifi. Now the question is what we should do to tackle this situation.

At we are here to tell you about the different problems of your techs and their solutions as well. So for this wifi connectivity problem below is a complete guide and we hope that by reading this guide you will definitely find out a way to get out of this problem in a very easy manner. So without any delay let’s start.

Some Probable Reasons Why Won’t Laptop Connect To Wifi

There are a number of reasons because of which your Mac or Windows Laptop faces trouble in connecting with a wifi network. Some of the major issues or reasons because of which your laptop is unable to connect with wifi are:

  • The airplane mode of your device is turned on or you have turned Wifi off.
  • Your router may be faulty.
  • The wifi password you are entering is incorrect.
  • There is a large distance between your laptop and router.
  • Your laptop doesn’t support the wifi configuration of the network you are trying to connect to.

Ways To Fix Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

If you are not able to connect with your wifi network then the first and the most simple option is restarting your device and router as well. But following are some other guidelines that you can practice to get your Apple Mac or Windows PC back online. So let’s have a quick glimpse at these hit and trial methods.

Ensure You Have Turned Your Wifi On

It may sound much simpler to turn your wifi on if you have accidentally turned it off. This is the first troubleshooting step to eliminate this problem.

On a MAC iOS

On the top left corner, you will see the Apple menu, open it. Open Network aster clicking the System Preferences. Here you will see a Turn Wifi On Button, toggle it on and connect to your wifi network.

On Laptop With Windows

On the bottom right corner there is an Internet icon, click it open. If your wifi box is blue then it indicates that it is on otherwise turn it on. After this step, you can connect to your network and ensure that airplane mode is off.

Try Restarting Your Router

By rebooting your router you are actually clearing the cache and refreshing the connection. It can help you fix most of the connectivity problems as well. Method is:

  1. Remove all the wires from your router and plug them out from the socket. The cable detachment will help in eliminating the static in the lines that may also interrupt the connection.
  2. After waiting at least 30 seconds, now plug the adapter back in the socket.
  3. When your router gets turned on, wait for at least 2 minutes and then try to connect.

Password Confirmation

The wifi passwords are sensitive, way too long, and complicated. The password is much more complicated especially if you are using the one that came with your network by default. You have to ensure that you are putting the right password for the specific network and be very much precise while entering letters, numbers, or symbols.

Bring Your Laptop And Router Close To Each Other

Your laptop is not able to get strong signals if there is a considerable distance between your laptop and the router because there may be walls between both devices. You should move your laptop near to the router in the area range of 10 to 15 feet and ensure there are not any hurdles between the devices. Now try to connect to your specific network.

Try Connecting To a Compatible Network

A router comes with 2 wifi band frequencies, one is 2.4 GHz and the other is 5 GHz. And as a matter of fact, for better coverage 2.4 GHz router is better in giving large coverage as compared to the 5 GHz router. But for a faster speed, the 5 GHz router is more efficient. If you are facing a problem in connecting one band then give it a try to the other.

Use Troubleshooting Software Of Your Laptop

You can have assistive software in Mac and Windows to overcome the connectivity problem. How it works is:

On a MacBook

  • Try to join the network after losing all the recent apps.
  • On the top left corner there you will see a magnifying glass icon. Click it open.
  • Search “wireless diagnostics” in that search bar.
  • Then follow the given guidelines, the software will detect the problem and also provide a potential solution to it.

On Windows Laptop

Go to Start then Settings, now open Network & Internet.  After this click, the Status button then runs the Network troubleshooter. By following the given steps the system will try to resolve your issue.

The Endnote!

In this article, we have provided you with complete information about the wifi connectivity problem of your laptop. There is a brief description of the reasons for this issue, its consequences, and the ultimate solutions as well. We hope that we have given you a lot of information so that after reading this guide you might be able to fix your problem without any hassle.

If you are still facing the problem then you have to get your hardware checked.

We at always provide complete knowledge about the recent problems of the world’s tech and their modern solutions as well.

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