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Why My Laptop Keyboard Is Not Working

Why My Laptop Keyboard Is Not Working

Reasons Why My Laptop Keyboard Is Not Working Properly?

If you are working and all of a sudden the keys of your laptop stop working then no feeling is worse than this is. You can find a single key, section of keys, or the whole keyboard not responding and this is very much problematic if you have your work due.

Here we have mentioned a few things that you can practice to get your hands back on your job. Let’s have a look at all these possible reasons and their solutions as well.

Check Whether The Problem Is In Hardware Or Software

Before applying different solutions or fixes firstly you have to narrow down your problem. You must go for a check that there is any kind of problem in the keyboard (hardware) itself or the windows (software) is not recognizing the keystrokes. If you figure this out then it will save you a lot of time as well.

For this purpose reboot your PC and go into the UEFI or BIOS. For this, you typically have to press Esc, Delete, or some other keys to enter the boot menu of the computer. After entering the BIOS even then you are unable to navigate the keys with your keyboard then there is a good chance of having a problem with your hardware.

But if the keys that were making an issue work fine then the problem lies in your Solidwork laptop’s windows. Now the thing that you have to do is to exit the BIOS saving the changes you have made and then hook a USB keyboard up to perform some troubleshooting fixes as described below.

Restart Your Laptop

The simplest and the most effective solution to this problem is rebooting your laptop, as reboot solves a hundred problems very easily. For rebooting you only have to long-press the power button for 10 to 15 seconds and then turn it on again.

Turning your Gaming laptop off and then again on might be an effective solution as this will help your windows to recognize the hardware from a new start as well.

If even you are not getting any satisfactory results then you should try booting in Safe Mode and check whether it works or not. In addition to fixing the problem, it will help you determine whether your keyboard is problematic or not.

Reinstall The Driver For Keyboard

It is quite possible that your software starts to behave abnormally. This happens when you install any third-party software or shut your laptop down directly without using the shutdown command.

In the Start Menu go for ”Device Manager” and expand the keyboard section by entering it. If you see a yellow exclamation after any of the statements then it indicates that here is the problem.

In this situation, we will recommend uninstalling the driver by clicking right on your keyboard. Then restart your laptop and the windows will automatically fetch the generic driver for your keyboard and there are more chances of working your keyboard back.

Try Changing The Keyboard Layout

If the keys of your keyboard input different letters rather than the indications on the keys then it must be quite probable that the language or pattern/layout of your keyboard got changed accidentally or someone has changed it to prank you.

To seek this problem out, open the start menu and search Language for Windows’ language setting window. Then in the list of languages, you must select English (United States) and ensure the US QWERTY is present under the keyboard option on the next page. You must consider removing any of the layouts that you are not taking in regard.

Virus Attack

If none of the above-described solutions makes your problem solve then you must think that there must be a virus attack on your keyboard and this reason is enough to disable the functioning of a perfect keyboard.

To overcome this problem you should use a top antivirus to run a malware scan on your keyboard.

Check For Dirt And Debris

All the above problems were based upon the software and here it comes to the hardware problem now. Dirt or debris accumulation on the keys of your keyboard can also be a reason that does not allow the keyboard to work properly. If you confirmed that earlier that your problems are hardware-related then you must clean your keyboard which will definitely make your hands dirty.

For cleaning the keys of your laptop use a keyboard vacuum or compressed air can properly in the nooks and corners of the keys. It will serve as a quick and thorough cleaning of the base of the keys of your keyboard. To clean the sticky residue dab a cloth or swab into alcohol and clean all the residue present on your keyboard.

Try Removing Your Laptop Battery (Only If You Can)

As we know that the battery of the laptop generally resides beneath the keyboard, it can also cause problems. If you have a removable battery in your laptop then you should shut your laptop down and then remove the battery very carefully.

Plug the power cable or charger then boot your system without placing the battery. If you see that your keyboard is working properly after removing the battery then it is time to replace your battery.

Reset All The Bad Connections

Occasionally the connection between the keyboard and the motherboard of the laptop gets disturbed and the keyboard starts to function abnormally. If luckily you are an IT expert then reconnecting the ribbon cable at the bottom of the keyboard by removing the outer case will be a blow of whistle for you.

If you face any problem then you can visit the manufacturer’s site and easily get all the instructions and methods to reconnect the ribbon cable of your laptop. This will solve your problem.

The Final Verdict!

Here in this article, we have described all the possible reasons and their solutions as well because of which your laptop gets stuck or shows up abnormal behavior. We hope that after reading this whole piece of writing now you are capable and enough knowledgeable that you can seek this keyboard malfunctioning problem by yourselves.

We at Tech Trada always bring the most recent and the most authentic information about the technology of the modern world. And strive best with our experts to provide you with all the easy and possible solutions to different problems and other issues that you face while using your electronic gadgets. Keep updated with us for new and modern facts and solutions to the modern world’s tech.

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