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How to Decide Between Wired vs Wireless Headphones?

Wired vs Wireless Headphones

Choosing headphones is such a thing that you must have done at least once in your life. For listening to music on our cell phones we use this essential pocket gadget. Besides a good smartphone or the best streaming service, you still have to select a good pair of Wired vs Wireless Headphones that is perfect for you, your lifestyle, and your love for music.

The first confusion or question that arises in our mind while choosing headphones is to choose between the wired or wireless headset. It is a very crucial and logical point but it is not as easy as it sounds. Wireless headphones are becoming the priority of people over the recent past years. The headset without wire has also become a trend among the people of the present age. True wireless earbuds like Air Pods have become the most selling product in the world for the past few years.

Have A Look At The Comparison Of Wired vs Wireless Headphones

The questions that come into the mind while purchasing wireless headphones might be. Is the sound quality as good as their competitors (wired headphones)? Can they really be compared to the traditional wired ones? Here I will try to describe all the possible pros and cons of both wired and wireless headphones. I hope this will help you out to pick the headphones that fit your personality and choice. can help you in making a decision while buying Wired vs Wireless Headphones.

1. Greater Convenience

wired vs wireless headphones

I genuinely suggest that there is not too much ease and great convenience today than having a completely wire-free headphone. They just work harmoniously with all your gadgets. Wireless headsets have been tested a long time ago. We all remember the Bluetooth headset that easily connects with the smart tv, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and numerous smart devices.

2. Changed Trend

wired vs wireless headphones

When Apple decided to relinquish the ancient 3.5 mm earphone jack in iPhone 7 the smartphone manufacturer companies abruptly followed the trend and altered the idea of Wired vs Wireless Headphones forever. As a result, wireless headphones became famous too fast in the world’s market. This completely changed the trend among the people as wireless earbuds give people a trendy, stylish, and modern look.

3. Battery Life

wired vs wireless headphones

Many of the wired headphones do not require any power source. It means that you have only to plug them into your audio device or smartphone at any location and anytime. This feature of wired headphones gives you freedom from charging as all the wireless headphones have to be charged.

On the other hand, all wireless headphones use a power source for their working. There are AA or AAA batteries for your wireless earbuds. These batteries are rechargeable. Users can use a mini or a micro USB cable for charging them. However, wireless chargers are also used. They may take up to 3 hours to charge.

4. Gives Freedom

wired vs wireless headphones

The Headphones companies use the word “Freedom” while marketing these Wired vs Wireless Headphones. This is actually the freedom from the wire down to your laptop or smartphone. Freedom of listening to your favorite music while moving around or doing a morning walk or exercise. They allow your ears to enjoy your most favorite track during the workout in the gym, traveling on the train, and listening to your important calls while driving, giving you the best wire-free experience.

5. More Features In a Compact Size

wired vs wireless headphones

Wireless headphones are very much smart in size. They are becoming even smarter than before. The wireless headphones of today provide you with a variety of new and cool features. These features include Built-in voice assistants, active noise cancellation quality, comes with apps that measure workout, and have fast wireless charging option that gives you a good battery backup for hours.

6. Limited Lifetime

wired vs wireless headphones

While reading the comparison of Wired vs Wireless Headphones, Perhaps a drawback of wireless headphones that compels you to avoid them is their limited lifetime. As they use batteries for their power backup and like all other batteries, these batteries also eventually die making themselves useless. Most commonly these wireless headphones are designed to work for about three years at their best. After that, you have to change them just like your smartphone.

7. Compromises On Sound Quality

wired vs wireless headphones

In spite of their popularity, the wire-free headsets also have some demerits. Whenever the new updated model of the headset is launched, the previous one becomes outdated. While the Bluetooth headset is good at streaming MP3 music and is not able to transmit an extensive amount of data that is essential for listening to high-resolution music or lossless music that is in the formats such as FLAC or WAV.

8. Does Wired Mean a Better Sound?

wired vs wireless headphones

Yes, the wired headphones have better sound quality as compared to wireless headphones. Wired vs Wireless Headphones are often seen as entry-level, cheap earphones that can be plugged into your phone’s 3.5 mm headphone jack with great ease and no effort. But the inconvenience of having a wire in the way spoils all the fun, especially during runs, commuting through a busy train or working out in a gym.

9. Budget-friendly Headphones

wired vs wireless headphones

When it comes to the budget point of view, no doubt best noise concealing headphones under 200 always fit in your budget. If you will prioritize the sound quality over basic convenience, the wireless headphone will take the ground both in terms of budget and, majorly, supersonic performance. They can give your ears the best sound experience at a very low price that is not heavy on your pocket as well.

10. Audiophile’s Top Pick

wired vs wireless headphones

The people who want the best sound quality always choose open back headphones for gaming. They prioritize quality over convenience. Several headphones from popular premium manufacturers are used in the music studios, these headphones are also wired headphones. Their usage in the music industry reflects their standard for musicians and music producers. So, those who are audiophilic always read the Wired vs Wireless Headphones guide and prefer the wired headphones because they want an outstanding quality of music.

11. Handiness

wired vs wireless headphones

Both the wired and wire-free headphones are handy and portable. You can take them with great convenience anywhere you want. But wireless headphones are easier to carry. These earbuds are so compact in size that you can carry them even in your pant pockets.

12. Compatibility With Your Devices

wired vs wireless headphones

If you want to buy wireless or wired headphones, first check whether or not they are compatible with your device. For instance, iPhone 7 and upper models require a separate adapter for connecting a 3.5 mm cable. This device does not have a headphone jack and if you don’t have the headphone converter, you are only able to use the wireless headphones.


In the end, after reading the whole comparison of Wired vs Wireless Headphones, according to my personal view, you should choose headphones according to your requirements and taste. You should choose wireless headphones if you want to have ease and convenience during your workouts, jogging, and exercise. But if sonic sound quality is your priority, then you must prefer the most advanced wired headphones. But your purchase is completely based upon your choice, liking, and priorities.

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