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Things To Do If Your Headphones Or Speakers Sound Terrible

Your Headphones Or Speakers Sound Terrible

Getting cracked, muffled, or distorted sounds when listening to the music on your phone or PC? It might be possible because of a hardware issue, a software problem, or a driver’s quirk. So here are what Things To Do If Your Headphones Or Speakers Sound Terrible.

When you get crackling or distorted sounds from your expensive earphones or noise-canceling headphones. Then you say that these audio devices have the problem. But no one is to blame the PC or the phone for these kinda distortions. In case of bad and substandard audio following steps may be practiced for the troubleshooting of this issue.

What Things To Do If Your Headphones Or Speakers Sound Terrible

If you are experiencing a bad sound then you should check the headphones and find out the solution to get a better quality of sound. Here Techtrada provides you the solution and Things To Do If Your Headphones Or Speakers Sound Terrible. Let’s jump to them!

Lower The Volume Down

Your Headphones Or Speakers Sound Terrible

After buying a set of new speakers, you think that they are perfect and can give you the sounds of top quality. But if Your Headphones Or Speakers Sound Terrible gives crackled or distorted sound in high volumes. Then it means that there is not enough space in the speakers for such high-volume audio files. The simple solution to resolve this problem is to lower down the volume from your PC or cell phone.

This will be the easiest and probable solution to overcome such type of issue. See if your speaker sounds good in this volume range then it is clear that your speaker is underpowered for the volume you require. If issues are still there despite decreasing the volume, then we must read on.

Check The Source Files Of Your Music

Your Headphones Or Speakers Sound Terrible

Next to it, you should check the quality of your audio file. If you have bought a piece of high-quality music from iTunes or Amazon. Then you must be assured about its decent standard quality. But if you are listening to a piece of MP3 music having a quality of 80 KBPS that you have downloaded from KaZaA in the early 2000s. Then there is no workable solution to enhance the quality of that music. The old substandard music will definitely give Your Headphones Or Speakers Sound Terrible. There are no possible settings by which you can make it sound good.

So for the best and quality sound always download music with extraordinary quality. You can grab songs of higher quality from trusted streamers like Spotify, Pandora, etc. Make sure to adjust your download settings to the sound of high quality.

Clean Dirt And Look For Water Damages

Your Headphones Or Speakers Sound Terrible

If it still tied you to the same problem with the specific headphones or speakers, then check the hardware now or you may use open-back headphones instead of speakers. It is quite possible that there can be water damage, dirt, or debris in the speakers or earphones, this may be the reason Your Headphones Or Speakers Sound Terrible. That is creating hurdles in the deliverance of coherent sound. This issue is motley common when you are trying to listen to audio using your phone’s built-in speakers. So grab a toothpick and simply remove all the junk that you can see there.

If you have had your earphones washed in the washing machine or your speakers run into water. Then there is no specific remedy to restore their original sound back. The only solution to this problem is that you have to buy a fresh pair for sure.

Try Using a Different Port (If There Is An Option)

Your Headphones Or Speakers Sound Terrible

Desktop PCs do not have the best quality audio on the front headphone jack. Some audiophiles use separate digital-to-analog converters (DAC’s) for better sound quality. But if you do not want to use one, then the most efficient thing that you can do for good sound quality is to plug your speaker or headphones jack in the port that is present behind your PC. there are chances that it can improve the quality of the audio.

If you are using a laptop, then you are not able to plug into a different port. In this case, you can use a 3.5mm jack to USB converter. And we hope that this will enhance the sound quality and improve the audio of your music. If it resolves the issue of Your Headphones Or Speakers Sound Terrible, then it may be possible that the problem is with the jack or the drivers that are governing your PC’s onboard audio.

If you are using a wireless headphone, then try to use a wired one and vice versa. Or, if your wireless headphones have the feature to connect via wire then you must also try it. Practice all the possible conditions. And see which one works more efficiently and enhances the audio quality.

Disabling Phone Calls On Your Headphones

If everything is working pretty well on the hardware side, then it’s time to dig into your audio settings. If your earbuds are already connected as a calling device then it is quite probable that they are sending low-quality audio signals via call path despite using the high-quality headphones path for the music files.

If you are using a laptop or PC having Microsoft Windows then at the bottom right corner of the taskbar right-click the speaker icon. Then select the sound option and here check the device that you are using currently. It will appear with a green checkmark in front of it. Here, make sure that it is the correct device that you are using right now.

If you are operating with a truly wireless headphone, then it will come up with two entries in the list. One entry will be named a stereo set of best over-ear headphones and the other is designated as a hands-free headset that is specific for the audio calls. So if you play music using a phone call hands-free headset then it will obviously sound awful. For a better sound, select different options that are present here, and set a default that option that sounds you the best.

Adjustment Of Your Equalizer And Audio Enhancements

Your Headphones Or Speakers Sound Terrible

Many Pc and phones come with audio enhancements that provide add ONS for your music. But despite making good, these enhancements give more harm to your audio. For excellent quality sound and distortion-free music, you must make sure that all these enhancements are turned off and get out the solution of Your Headphones Or Speakers Sound Terrible.

If you are facing this problem on Windows, then go to the sound settings as discussed above or have a look at the complete troubleshooting guide for microphone issues. Then select the respective device, open its properties and go through all the tabs and close all sorts of enhancements from there. But if the problem is on your iPhone rather than your PC then go to the Settings > Music and ensure that your EQ option is turned off. You should do the same for the music application that you are using to listen to the music on your phone.

Disconnect The Other Bluetooth Devices

Your Headphones Or Speakers Sound Terrible

There also comes a strange issue which is: you may also experience distorted sound if your device is connected with more than one Bluetooth device at the same time. If your phone is connected with your earbuds and your smartwatch at one time, then it is pretty possible that you might experience muffled, crackled, or distorted sounds. If you disconnect the secondary device, then it is likely that you are able to get a cleaner and clear audio quality in your main device, i.e. the headphones or speakers.


We at TechTrada always provide you with the most probable and comprehensive solution to distinct problems that you are facing in your modern techs. Here in this article, we provide you with all the possible and necessary information that how you can fix Your Headphones Or Speakers Sound Terrible on your audio devices.

We believe that all of these solutions are not ideal but they will definitely help you to resolve your issue to some extent or make the sound quality better at least. Ut if you are fortunate then these straps would at least help you in narrowing down your focus to the root problem so that you can fix it up.

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